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“I’m not a wine connoisseur, but I do like a glass or two at night. – Diane Keaton

A glass of wine, good conversation, and good people | D.L. Rhein

Once a month, the women in my neighborhood gather at someone’s home for Wine Night.  It has been going on for years, and grows in numbers each time.  Everyone shows up with a bottle and a glass and the host provides snacks and hors d’oeuvres.  The ages range from newlyweds to parents and grandparents, the best part being a night away from our hectic daily lives.  Chatting with old friends and neighbors and making new ones, what could be better?!

After lots of traveling for tradeshows this summer and kids in camp,  I couldn’t wait to get back in my kitchen to whip up some new yummy, healthy dishes.  With our marvelous weather, it was very appealing to plan a laid back night where guests could wander in and out of the house and really kick back and relax.

Keep it Simple - Table Setting Ideas | D.L. RheinJewel toned orchids were the inspiration for the dining table set up as a buffet.  A wooden wine crate served as a vessel to make a living arangement as they all remained in their individual pots which are hidden by the crate.  I love using white chinese take out containers to serve individual salads.  White plates are a fab way to make colorful food really stand out.   Clear and mercury glass votives are intermixed on the outdoor tables for a soft glow when the sun goes down on these long summer nights.

A party isn't complete without a Candy Bar | D.L. RheinMy daughter Mia noticed small mason jars I had bought to organize beads and stones in my studio.  She said let me make a candy bar and voila!  Yet another use for our wooden three tiers used at our stores for display.  She filled the jars with old favorites and put candles and flowers in others.  Needless to say, it was a huge hit and people brought the  to-go containers filled with treats  home to their families.

Who wouldn't want a place for you gum, shaped in the letter of your last name? | D.L. RheinHow great is this bubble gum holder?  Our new neighbors, I Love Lucite, just opened across the street from our Motor location and made this for the party.  The G for Gleiberman, my family’s last name.  This piece is so versatile and could be used to serve any food, or hold floating candles or even as a unique vase for flowers.  I have always had a love for lucite and grab vintage pieces whenever I come across them.  We are ecstatic to have a source to make anything our hearts desire, let alone another family run business in our neighborhood.

Food, Glorious Food | D.L. RheinCelery Salad from 101 Cookbooks, is one of my summer go-to dishes.  One of my all time favorite food blogs,  101 cookbooks is chock full of gorgeous photography and  satiating dishes so good you wouldn’t believe how healthy they are.  Bruschetta  is kicked up a notch by roasting the tomatoes giving them a sweetness unlike anything else.  Instead of mozzerella, I made home made ricotta from Mozza’s Nancy Silverton, and it was fun, fast and well worth the time.  A zucchini tart was a great substitute for pizza, and raw kale salad with pine nuts and parmesan a fun spin on a caesar salad.  A black olive cheese ball rolled in crushed pecans was a perfect match for the Merlot.

Drinks and Dessert and little something in between! | D.L. RheinA great time was had by all.  I encourage you to start a night once a month with the women of your neighborhood.  Interests were shared, numbers exchanged, and play dates were set up.  Catch up with old friends and open your home to new ones, you never know who’s living just around the corner!