Vintage Style, Modern Twist

Vintage Style, Modern Twist

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“Be fluid.  Treat each project differently.  The best style is no style.  Because styles can be figured out.  And when you have no style, they can’t figure you out.” – Jay-Z

Subtle colors, beautiful wallpaper, and timeless pieces is the perfect solution for a living room makeover | D.L. Rhein

When my client approached me to transform her living room, I knew it was going to be a blast hunting for objects and furniture to fit her unique taste.  She is a huge fan of Industrial Chic (aptly described by Elizabeth McClure), and has an equal fondness for French antiques.  These two styles marry beautifully as they both tend to use a lot of iron and metal, and are naturally distressed over time.   Let the makeover begin!

Wallpaper, Light, Color, + A Touch of Style is all one needs for a Living Room Makeover | D.L. Rhein

The coffee table was a great anchor,  and was the only existing thing that remained in this space other than the natural linen couch. As seen in the before shot, even the fireplace received a modern update. This created uniformity  and integrates the fireplace into the room.   With beautiful carved details, reminiscent of a old chateau, topped with a one of a kind 19th century Parisian etched glass mirror, tres French indeed!

A little wallpaper goes a very long way | D.L. Rhein

The tabletop was given new life with over sized antique ledger books and a piece of blue coral.  A rectangular tray was replaced with a round mirrored one to mix up the shapes.  I love functional decor, and the bamboo chinoiserie stools were the perfect accent for the fireplace allowing for extra seating when guests fill the room.  The tufted club chair, hand made by my fab upholsterer,  has become a DL Rhein staple and blends effortlessly, thanks to the caramel colored equestrian leather.  In keeping with the juxtaposition of styles we added was a Louis XVI in off white linen.   A set of  mirrored nesting tables fit perfectly between them.  A muted blue and neutral toned Oushak rug replaced a thick textured Jute.

Keep a room alive with Orchids + Plants | D.L. Rhein

One of my favorite elements to any room is a change in wall color, or in this case, wall covering.  My client had seen this beauty by Brittish designer Nina Campbell in the bathroom remodel we did last year for Hands On Spa in Beverly Hills and immediately fell in love with it.  It was the perfect choice and complimented  all of its “new” old  treasures.  A teal green antique trough was just the right vessel to add a pop of color and house an arrangement of orchids and succulents.  It fit perfectly atop an old Italian credenza in an empty spot in the living room.

A vintage industrial bin added height and texture behind the chairs.  Large mercury glass urns replace traditional pots for some air purifying house plants and a vintage scale adds a touch of whimsy while still remaining functional.   The giant glass bottle is how many Europeans still store wine, and is given an industrial twist when set inside a wire basket.

Wallpaper always changes the look of any room | D.L. Rhein

Here is the magic unfolding before our eyes.  Wallpaper hanging is an art in itself requiring a great deal of skill and patience.  The repeat of the pattern must be perfectly aligned as to give the appearance of the entire space being hand painted.  Michael is an old colleague of my father in law and has been perfecting his craft for over 40 years.  I loved watching him teach his young apprentice who watched his every move in anticipation of taking the reigns one day.

After this room was complete, we moved on to the dining room as well as the master bedroom.  Just as I was about to start the home office, my client called to tell me they were going to be moving within the next year.   I thought she would be disappointed after all of the work we had put in, but I was sorely mistaken.  “So excited to keep on decorating, it means you’ll have to come and continue in our new house.”  Who can argue with that?!