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Vintage Finds

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Back when, before I had responsibilities (kids, a custom design business, charity committees, and two retail stores), I would spend hours on a lazy Sunday morning wondering the stalls of the local flea markets.  I would take my time, sip my coffee, enjoy the conversations with the quirky vendors.  Those days are long gone.

Instead, I find myself shuffling kids through the streets of Los Angeles, driving to pick them up from various play dates, ushering them to their latest sporting or school event, driving myself to clients, contractors, and fabric resources.  The four hours that I do ultimately grab for myself is spent catching up on emails, sorting through the junk in my purse, or alas, sleeping!!

Last month, while in San Francisco for business, I was reminded of those long lost days.  I had stumbled upon a section of the gift show that was dedicated to vintage objects and curiosities.  I was immediately charged, excited, and took my time looking at every little trinket and treasure.  I found a guy dedicated to collecting antique pencil sharpeners, another displaying bags upon bags of copper initials, another unloading boxes of vintage jewelry.

It wasn’t quite the same as those lost days at the flea markets of Southern California, but I felt peaceful looking through the edited sections of jewelry, vintage figurines, and curiosities.  At the end of the day, I was really happy.  And it was here, in the peaceful place, that I made a promise to myself to do a little more of this, even if I have to take a kid(or two) along for the ride.

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