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“Our admiration of the antique is not admiration of the old, but of the natural.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Vintage Globes in all Shapes and Sizes | D.L. Rhein

While out and about antiquing, I came across an extraordinary vintage globe.  The colors were amazing and I knew it would make the perfect addition to a client’s family room.   We soon became obsessed and my merchandiser begged me to get more if I were to come across them again.

I hit the mother load at one antique vendor, and have been finding them here and there while out on the hunt for more great objects.  Our September store windows were a retro nod to “Back to School,” with groupings of 1960’s globes, antique books and various specimens of minerals, coral and taxidermy. 

See the World | D.L. Rhein

Some are muted, some are vibrant.  The palates on these orbs are beautiful and pull out so many colors when placed in a room with art and rich colors.   My absolute fave is what we refer to as The Flying Saucer pictured above on driftwood.  We have never seen one quite like it, and the natural aging that has occurred is something that can not be replicated.

Vintage trays serve many purposes | D.L. Rhein

Vintage serving trays and dishes, whose Grandmother didn’t have several of these beauties to pull out during luncheons with friends or special occasions?  I have been collecting these for years as they have endless possibilities.  They can turn an ottoman into a coffee table, hold a collection of decanters on a sideboard or bar, or make the perfect accent to a master bath to contain a woman’s fragrances and other beauty products.

LIttle Vintage Porcelin Dogs - The Perfect Colleciton | D.L. Rhein

While in Atlanta this summer, Jess saw these ceramic dogs hidden behind some stacked crates at an antique show.   I love a little kitsch factor now and then, and these were the perfect choice.  Hand painted and true to life, these canines are a perfect menagerie when grouped together on a shelf.

Vintage Vessels in all Shapes and Sizes | D.L. Rhein

Vintage wire bowls, milk glass, bowls, creamers, all have a purpose just waiting to be put to use.  I love finding new ways to re-purpose and use objects in an unexpected way.  Aside from merchandising in our stores with these, vintage containers make great vessels for bathrooms, shelves and kitchens.  Nothing makes my heart sing the way finding vintage objects, furniture and art does.  Back to the hunt…I’m out searching at this very moment.