Treasures from the Sea

Treasures from the Sea

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I have always loved being out in nature.  I thrill on a good hike, I sometimes find myself wandering around the paths of Temescal Canyon, where the mountains meet the sea. I love the beach.  The beach represents the end of the earth and being on the edge with no place left to go, is comforting.  On those rare days when life becomes incredibly stressful, I find myself sitting on the edge of the earth, listening to the waves crash in front of me and I am instantly calm.

As I contemplate and reflect on the bigger problems in life, I start to feel grounded.  Once I get to that place, that calm place, I am able to pick myself up and walk the shoreline.  It is there that I pick up elements of nature; shells, pieces of broken glass, feathers, coral and so much more. I especially love all the different shapes, colors, and textures the oceans many splendid gifts.

Over the years, I have collected thousands of shells, but it is one shell in particular that I secretly admired.  I showed the shell to my friend, BD, and she turned me on to local supplier.  I sent some photos of my coveted shell via email, and a few weeks later I received a small box in the mail. It was a bag of these glorious shells. When I opened up the bag, in my head,I instantly started creating mirrors, frames, trays, lamps, and jewelry.

This lamp is my first creation.  I am in the process of launching more designs and creations made with this very shell.  The line is going to be fun, whimsical, and colorful. Can’t wait to create!

started with a simple, wooden lamp, a piece of linen was the inspiration for the colors, and the shells are my muse.

If you would like help creating the home that you have always desired to live in,
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