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“Great design is eliminating all unneccessary details.” – Minh D. Tran

Antique Prints have always been a springboard for my inspiration.  From the start of my business 20 years ago (I can’t believe I’m saying that), I have been collecting everything from ephemera scraps,  antique wallpaper,  plates of ornamentation, architectural design and flora and fauna renderings to name a few.   We are constantly framing these for our design clients and many can be seen hanging in our stores.  The fact that they were hand drawn is mesmerizing and  first editions are so saturated in color, there is no comparison to the reproductions one can find in books these days.

The above print was one of the fabulous finds we acquired in Paris.  My ex-pat college roommate introduced us to a mother and daughter team who own one of the most intricate collections of antique prints we have ever come across.   After many hours, fabulous company, and some tapas and champagne, we acquired new friends and selections were made and a new DL Rhein pillow collection will be born.

A classic never gets old. We  had a blast noticing classic designs found within architecture around Paris that are patterns already in our current line.  We love modernizing old designs by changing the scale and repeat and choosing a bold color to embroider with.

 Shown Above: DL Rhein Greek Key Pillow in Metallic Silver and Zig Zag Pillow in Orange.


Greek Key and Chevron Flooring in the Passage Verdeau in the 7th arrondisement.

DL Rhein Turquoise Moroccan Tile Pillow


Moroccan style iron work in The Marais.  Even the security gates in Paris were inspiring!