The Snake and the Goddess

The Snake and the Goddess

The Snake and the Goddess 150 150 admin

We all know about Adam and Eve’s Creation snake, but what about the ancient Pomo people’s underground snake prince who married one of their women and had children with her?  The children went back and forth between Earth and the underground.  Talk about joint custody!

Snakes are both creepy and gorgeous.  On a hike or in a science class case, they demand attention.  Watch one shed its skin, and you’ll never forget it.

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Whenever I think of snakes, I cannot help but think of a woman with a very beautiful snake (in reptile, silver, or gold) wrapped around her arm.  The Minoans had snake goddesses, the Cretans too.  A snake woman can represent strength, fertility, renewal… all attributes of goddesses I know.  What kind of goddess are you?

Our sterling silver snake jewelery comes from Nepal, where there is a day of celebration called Nag Panchami, in which Nepalese people worship nagas (cobras).  The intention of the day is to keep peace between the nagas and the people of the land.  I love it… co-habitating!

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And what about ‘ole Adam and Eve?  She was told by the serpent that she would be more like God if she ate the apple.  Sort of like the voice in my head beckoning me to buy the YSL cuff?  Probably.  Bad snaky.

For something unique, featured on Today, try a real, honest-to-goodness snakeskin pedicure.  Talk about resourcing!