The Huntress – Vintage Barware

The Huntress – Vintage Barware

The Huntress – Vintage Barware 150 150 admin

“Sir, if you were my husband, I would poison your drink.” – Lady Astor to Winston Churchill

His reply, “Madam, if you were my wife, I would drink it.”


Faux Tortoise Whiskey Glasses with Etched Greek Key Gold Bands, set of 6 $72

These fab beauties were amidst a table of glassware that we walked right by while hunting for our next great find. Disappointed that we didn’t find anything of interest, a second look proved successful!  Glasses this stunning call for a tried and true classic  Old Fashioned

Hunting for Treasures is one of our favorite past times | @D.L. Rhein

1960’s Nude Floral Painting – $400 | Vintage Grey Sandblasted Gold Rim Collins Glasses , set of 6 – $95

One of my favorite vintage art finds.  While on the hunt, I spotted a loose canvas hidden away in a corner, pulled it out and bought it right away.  I immediately  took it to be properly stretched and mounted and hung this beauty over my desk.  I was drawn to the color and texture of these glasses as they remind me of ladies gathering to play bridge or mahjong as our mothers and grandmothers did.  Their namesake is the obvious coctktail choice for a warm summer afternoon.


Vintage Silver Rimmed Etched Pegasus Pitcher – $150

At some point, didn’t we all dream of riding on a flying horse?! Pitchers are the perfect vessel for mixing up cocktails at a party and make refilling your guest’s glasses a breeze.  This grown up lemonade  is sure to be a crowd pleaser all summer long.