“Each spice has a special day to it.  For turmeric it is Sunday, when light drips fat and butter, colored into the bins to be soaked up glowing, when you pray to the nine planets for love and luck.”
-Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, The Mistress of Spices

Tumeric and candles


Golden orange like the Indian sun, turmeric has been a staple in the Eastern diet for centuries.  A beautiful color and savory scent, this magical spice is more than just a pretty pigment.  A natural remedy, filled with amazing healing properties, turmeric is one of the best things for your body.   I have always been a healthy eater, but I became hyper aware of everything I put in my body once I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.  How will my body metabolize this, break it down (or not), what will it do to aid my body to prevent bad cells from metathesizing?  Studies have shown that turmeric contains curcumin, which helps stave off cancer due to its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune stimulating benefits.  Curcumin was found to increase apoptosis, a type of programmed cell death essential for stopping the proliferation of cancer cells.  In addition to the medication I have to take, I am supplementing my body with any and every natural ingredient possible to help my body continue to heal and keep it that way going forward.  Turmeric has become one of the tops on my list and I incorporate it into the foods I prepare for my family. 



I can’t get enough turmeric!  I of course have the ground spice for cooking, but I love to grate it fresh into salads or as a pretty garnish on veggie dishes with my micro planer.  I take two turmeric capsules a day to ensure I am getting some of this magic spice in my body for days when I may not cook with it.

Quinoa Salad Ingredients


These are all the ingredients needed to make a delicious, hearty meal that even your kids will love.  Everything here can be found at Trader Joe’s so it’s budget friendly as well.


Mmmmm.  I love the smell of turmeric when it’s being sauteed and transformed from orange to sunny yellow as it does once it is heated.

Quinoa Salad

And there you have it!  A satisfying protein and anti-oxidant packed meal, or the perfect side for a main dish.  I love to add a dollop of sheep milk yogurt to mine.  It adds a creaminess that I crave (I love condiments!), and sheep yogurt is less acidic and therefore easier to digest than it’s bovine counterpart.  Bon Apetite!  I’m enjoying last night’s leftovers right now…



1-2 Tbs. Coconut Oil
1 medium onion, diced
2 cups cauliflower, cut into small pieces
3/4 cup dry quinoa
1Tbs. curry
1/2 Tsp. turmeric
Red pepper flakes to taste
Sea salt (adjust to personal taste)
Italian parsley (for garnish and pop of color)

Pre-prep: Soak quinoa overnight in water
In a saucepan, place 2 cups of water and bring to a boil.  Reduce heat and add the quinoa to the hot water, and simmer until the water is absorbed and the grains become translucent soft (about 10-15 minutes).  Pour through a strainer and set aside in a bowl.  Heat the coconut oil in a skillet pan.  Add diced onions, and lightly saute for a few minutes, adding the sea salt, curry, and turrmeric.  Add cauliflower and lightly saute for 5-6 minutes, until they become softened, but not overcooked.  Add the cooked quinoa and a good pinch of red pepper flakes and stir everything together.  Sprinkle with fresh parsley.