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“Human Beings, like plants, grow in the soil of acceptance, not in the atmosphere of rejection.” – John Powell

Succulents are low maintenance. Place them in a vintage black urn next to your front door and forget about them! @DL Rhein

There is something so inspiring about going to a nursery.  My local favorite, Rolling Greens, has a location near my studio that is nothing short of breathtaking.  I had always gone there for orchids (a monthly staple in my house), or to find beautiful things to plant outside.  On a recent trip I ventured to an area of the property I had never explored.  I was happily surprised to see row after row of succulents.  Growing up in California, I always saw ice plants lining the highway because they are drought resistant and never gave them a second thought.

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 “There are days when I think there really is some huge plan out there and we’re all woven into it – this fabulous, complex pattern of life and death, full of recurring motifs and waves of color, and we’re each one tiny thread in the weave.” -Jane Johnson

Suzani comes from the Persian word for “needle,” and  refers to embroidered hangings or fabric coverings that are synonymous with the finest old embroideries of Uzbekistan, in Central Asia. The birthplace of suzanis is in what is now Uzbekistan, the area along the Silk Roads that interconnected the cultures of Europe, Turkey and China with the Muslim world. With the establishment of the Silk Road, the Suzani art flourished. In the 19th century, Uzbek women produced excellent embroidered hangings, table covers, bed covers, wrapping cloths, and prayer mats for their households and their daughters’ dowries.

In recent years, there has been a revival of this traditional art form.  One of our favorite finds are these vintage Suzanis that we picked from a vendor with a great eye that travels to Asia several times a year to gather one of a kind pieces.  At first glance I said we have to make pillows out of these!  Part of what makes these so appealing is that no two are alike, and part of the charm is that the patterns aren’t perfect as they are hand embroidered.

We are always gathering interesting textiles when we come across them.  From antique swatches to old feed sacks, that are re-born into pillows or unexpected upholstery, half the fun is the hunt to find them!  Recently a customer brought in an embroidered remnant from a tea towel her mother had made.  She said she wanted to make something out of it, but thought it was too small.  Nonsense!   We put it in the center of one of our embroidered pillows and voila!  Old meets new and the customer was overwhelmed her updated keepsake.   What have you done with your old embroidery?


Green With Envy

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Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.”

-Pedro Calderon de la Barca, Spanish Poet and Playwright, 1600-1681

From moss covered trees to bold paint colors, the color green represents renewal, harmony, and the first sign of Spring.  

Here are  some of our favorite inspirations making us Green with Envy.  

Moroccan Bathroom
 | Green Vintage Objects | Green Tile Walls
Green Barn | Green Door | Green Living Room | Green Lattice Wall Paper

Green is color of the heart chakra and is  used worldwide to represent safety.

 This makes perfect sense since it is known for its harmonious and calming effects, further lending itself as a perfect accent in any home. 

Whether it’s a custom arrangement, embroidered pillows or antique French Wine Jugs, these are some of our latest offerings.





Where The Wild Things Are

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 “Nice Beaver.”
“Thanks.  I just had it stuffed.”
Leslie Nielson and Priscilla Presley – The Naked Gun

While turning a corner at the Maison et Objet Show, we walked straight into this guy’s stare.  And for a moment, we  thought it was alive.  There is something so breathtaking about getting to see a wild animal right before your eyes in all of it’s beauty and splendor.

The closest thing you will find to this is at LA’s own Natural History Museum. Each Hall is designated to a different geographic region with vignettes of taxidermy set against hand painted backdrops to mimic their natural habitats. The African Elephant exhibit will stop you in your tracks.

Maybe it’s the exotic nature of these particular specimens.   Everyone has seen Deer before, but a Black Panther?  Or the mysterious Dodo Bird which has been extinct for over a century. It’s like walking through Alice’s Wonderland.

 If you are in San Francisco, make it a point to stop at Paxton Gate in The Mission.  A shop filled with natural curiosities,  antique prints and unexpected taxidermy…including a unicorn.

Les Ouiseaux.  A menagerie of birds from all over the world.

This wall from a vendor’s booth at the show is extremely inspiring.  Busts in mass set against a chintzy floral wallpaper.  A far cry from  your Daddy’s hunting lodge, that’s for sure.   Stop by our Third Street store to see our newly acquired antique hawk and woodpecker.  What is your favorite animal?