Mellow Master

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“The master bedroom is just the beginning of the problems.  There is no master in the bedroom. She starts to give you things, ‘This is your closet.’  You’ll act like a stranger and thank her.” – Bill Cosby



What do you do when a Girly Girl Aesthetician and Masculine Agent decide to coexist and  their taste is completely different?!  Make it mellow and meet half way.  The existing bedroom was just a shell with light wood floors and exposed rafters.  It made a large room look small, which is great if you are looking to cozy up in a cottage, not for a  master suite to live in daily!  read more

Studio Makeover – Phase 1

Studio Makeover – Phase 1 150 150 admin

“I don’t think people have enough fun with decorating.  It doesn’t always have to be so serious.  Design isn’t like marriage. You don’t have to commit for life.” – Ross Cassidy



This year I felt a burning desire to make some big changes.  First on my list was to begin the process of converting my design studio into a design space that showcases vintage finds, as well as furniture and custom upholstery at our Motor Avenue location.  It is a vast room  separated from the retail store in front, but always a curiosity to our customers. Daily, there would be folks peeking in and wandering  and wondering, “Oh wow, what’s back here?!”  The answer was simply to create an inviting and integrative studio that allows us to design products and create one of a kind pieces for our customers, while extending our retail store at the same time.  read more

The Huntress – Pachyderms

The Huntress – Pachyderms 150 150 admin

“They say somewhere in Africa the elephants have a secret grave where they go to lie down, unburden their grey wrinkled bodies, and soar away, light spirits at the end.” – Robert R. McCammon, Boy’s Life

Vintage Elephants | @D.L. Rhein

Vintage Carved African Wooden Elephant – $75

Elephants are one of the most majestic creatures to roam the earth.  Maybe it’s how they walk with grace while being the largest land mammal in modern history, or the fact that babies follow behind their mamas holding onto their tail with their tiny trunks.  We have found elephants over the years here and there, but these vintage pachyderms were so unique,  it seemed to be kismet as we came across these all within the same month while searching for the next great find.

Vintage Elephants | @D.L. Rhein

Vintage Black Resin Elephants – $45 each

Elephants are pack animals.  This pair looks like it is roaming through the Serengeti.

Vintage Elephants | @D.L. Rhein

Vintage Brass Elephants – Large $300, Small $150

In Thailand, people revere elephants posing with their trunks pointed towards the sky as they believe they bring good luck.

Vintage Elephants | @D.L. Rhein

Vintage Porcelain Indian Elephant – $85

This beauty is adorned with fabric and jewels, perfect for the Maharaja himself.





The Huntress

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“Our admiration of the antique is not admiration of the old, but of the natural.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Fabulous Find of the Week: Statues | @DL Rhein


Anyone who knows me knows that I can’t resist stopping in for a peek anytime, anywhere,  there is vintage or antiques to root through.   My kids roll their eyes each time I pull up with my car filled with new one of a kind finds.  I took Jess with me this weekend to look over all the things I had pulled at a funky vintage sale and I asked her if I was crazy?  “Crazy?!” she exclaimed.  “Crazy awesome!   You are like a huntress, always on the prowl, ready to pounce each time a unique piece catches your eye.”  She then helped me eliminate two items that we didn’t HAVE to have.   I love the way this vintage wedding couple looks against one of our antique Suzanis.



I have developed a huge appreciation for brass the last couple of years.  It can go with any color as it’s not as luminous as silver or gold.  And don’t get me started on marble, I’ve yet to turn down a piece made with that mighty stone.  These chiefs are so regal and I loved their larger than life appearance as they are much taller than most candlesticks you see these days.

Fabulous Find of the Week: Zen Statues | @DL Rhein


Be still my heart, another vintage pair!  I am drawn to so many things about these figures.  Maybe it is their serene pose, or the fact that they are adorned with vintage rhinestone jewelry.  The rings on their fingers just send me.  This is the beginning of a new journey that I will chronicle as we are constantly acquiring new curiosities each week.  For now, I’m back on the hunt.  Hear my roar…




The Mother of Pearl

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“I am the Mother of Pearl.  The world is a vein of silver, an illusion…” – Ashtavakra Gita

Black Mother of Pearl Stool | @D.L. Rhein


 Delicate and glistening, Mother of Pearl is one of my favorite natural curiosities.  It is the thin layer made up of calcium carbonate that forms the iridescent inside of oysters, mussels and abalone shells.  Mother of Pearl has been used for centuries as an inlay on furniture and objects, carefully carved into beautiful images and shapes.  I have been lucky enough to find many vintage and antique pieces on my recent scouting trips.  Here are a few of my favorites…  read more