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“The best executive is one who has sense enough to pick good people to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them
while they do it.” – Theodore Roosevelt



After an amazing experience remodeling an entire floor for a fab production company, we find ourselves at the denoument of this project.  A large alcove within the office was begging to be transformed into a useable space.   With great thought given to every detail in the entry, kitchen, communal living room, conference room and brainstorm room, the partners needed a space to unwind or meet with clients in professional yet relaxed setting.



These swivel chairs had seen better days.  But that didn’t stop us!  The perfect size and shape, we knew these beauties could be given new life in a yummy tufted velvet.

Executive Lounge | Downtown LA |Design by D.L.Rhein |Photo by Amy Bartlam.

With variegated grey carpeting in all of the office spaces, a giant white hide breaks up the monotony and adds texture.  Airy and open, this room welcomes visitors with a comfy place to enjoy a cocktail after a long meeting.  A pair of marble and chrome coffee tables can be moved apart when needed for additional surfaces.   A pop of yellow brightens a grey sofa in our Turkish silk velvet textiles.

Executive Lounge | Downtown LA |Design by D.L.Rhein |Photo by Amy Bartlam

Navy is one of my favorite colors.  Classic, yet bold, this hue of blue always rings true.   These armchairs were so thrashed we immediately sent them for reupholstering, but picture that they were covered in burlap, yikes!  Antique brass nail heads outline the frame of these dreamy seats.  The softest alpaca pillows you’ve ever felt add some extra cush for your tush.  A single wall was painted blue to bring some dimension to this very long room.   We loved this vintage NY times print in their old office, and found it a perfect home in the exec lounge.

Exec Lounge | Downtown LA |Design by D.L.Rhein | Photo by Amy Bartlam

I’ve been mildly obsessed lately with stripping vintage furniture of any stain or paint, and leaving the natural raw beauty to shine.  It adds interest and keeps everything from looking too sleek and matchy-matchy.  This marble top round table was just the right size for sketching out the next great idea, or just doodling to unwind the mind.  We put plants throughout the office because we always love a touch of nature indoors, and with limited fresh air, these beauties help purify the space.  This was one of our most exciting projects to date.  Nothing brings greater joy than knowing your clients love every inch of a redesigned and renovated space.  Seeing these creative minds in action, is nothing short of extraordinary.  This really was, a perfect production.  Finis.





“My interest in theater and story telling began in my mother’s kitchen.  It was a meeting place for my mother’s large circle of friends.”  – Lynn Notage

BEFORE | Kitchen and Communal Living Room


There is so much to love about this office, and no space was left unturned when planning out each area’s form and function.  With the communal living room anchoring the center of the floor,  the kitchen was built off of that keeping an open floor plan that would extend its lofty vibe.  With nothing but the wall and pillars existing, the possibilities were endless.  The company owners worked with the building’s architect on the layout, and we loved the floor plan.  With some minor tweaks and an idea of how to fill the space, we couldn’t wait for the bones to be built so we could style and profile this dream kitchen.  read more



“The eagle never lost so much time, as when he submitted to learn of the crow.”
– William Blake

Karga 7 Before 2


When one of our favorite client couples approached us to design their new production office, we flipped at the chance.  With a company continuing to grow, it was time to move out of their now cramped quarters and into a big open space to fit their needs.  One of the things we love about them is that every thing they choose has meaning, both in its aesthetic and function.  This philosophy is reflected within their work space and what they present to their clients.  Two months later, we collaborated and curated not just an office, but a creative environment that would ensure that every one feel at home whether visiting or coming to work each day.  No detail was without great thought, and it began with the first thing you see when entering their offices.  read more


LAWFUL OFFICE 520 347 admin

“I busted a mirror and got seven years bad luck, but my lawyer thinks he can get me five.” – Steven Wright

Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by D.L.Rhein

Half of our time is spent at work.  An office has to be professional and organized, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring and sterile.  A place where you spend your days, many of which involve clients coming to meet you, should be as beautiful as it is comfortable.  This law office was no exception.   After working in their home earlier this year, the Mrs. suggested to the Mr. that we come in and revamp his Century City office.  We achieved a look that was masculine and monochromatic, with some softer touches and subtle pops of color.  read more



“It was funny, she thought, that before she had ever had a job she had always thought of an office as a place where people came to work, but now it seemed as if it was a place where they also brought their private lives for everyone else to look at, paw over, comment on and enjoy.” – Rona Jaffe, The Best of Everything

Perfect mix of old and new | D.L. RHEIN

We always love when a client comes back to us after we have completed a job, to help them with a new space or project.  One of our favorites was moving into a new office that had nothing but bare walls and industrial carpet.  We jumped at the chance to work with her again and create an inviting space to meet with her own clients.  As an agent, she is both business woman and therapist.  It was important to make this a place where people could feel comfortable yet inspired when visiting her at the office.  We took the pieces that would work from her old space and brought in additional items to round out the room.  The two paintings she acquired are filled with such vibrant colors, we put them front and center on the main wall so everything could play off of that.  Lavender and green embroidered pillows are a fun mix with our Turkish Velvet pillows and sumptuous shearling in the center.  A large plant adds a touch of freshness (a must in every room) and provides oxygen in a place with recirculated air.  What to do with these camel colored chairs?  Bring in our faux tortoise coffee table, one of our top finds at an antique show while hunting on a buying trip on the east coast.  A bone tray from Regina Andrew holds coffee table books and candy, while a stenciled cow hide adds another layer and covers the carpet in the center of the room.  read more