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“My kids always perceived the bathroom as a place where you wait it out until all the groceries are unloaded from the car.” – Erma Bombeck



When we moved into our current home, we needed to do some major renovating.  That being said, because my kids were little, I was scrappy with my resourcing and did what I could to update the space economically and put the money into their bedrooms instead.  Funny how our tastes change every decade or so, this wallpaper created with actual leaves used to be one of my favorites.  My little boy is now a young man.  Hard to believe my husband and I just took him to tour a number of colleges.  The timing was perfect to remodel his bathroom, which as I choke back a tear, will be a guest bath as of next year.  You’ve come a long way baby…  read more



“The thrill of coming home has never changed.” – Guy Pearce

Vintage Console BEFORE refurbishing | D.L. Rhein #dlrhein

BEFORE | Black Top Natural Console

The entry way to a home is the first thing anyone sees.  An inviting space which is both clean and beautiful is enticing to guests and makes the dwellers of the home feel good every time they open the front door.   This foyer was quite narrow due to the large staircase and is the connector to all rooms downstairs.  The search for the perfect piece began and ended in my garage, a treasure trove of vintage and antique wonders that I have been collecting as I find them, knowing they will be perfect when refinished and given a new home.  While pilfering for the right option for this entry, when I saw this console hidden under some chairs, I knew it was just right for this challenging space.  Needing some TLC to bring it into the modern era, the facelift made this a real showstopper.  read more

3 Favorite Things

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Festive Cheese Markers | @D.L. Rhein

 Les Animaux Cheese Markers, set of 4 – $45

Every home should have a pig cheese board | @D.L. Rhein

Marble Cochon Cheese Tray – $85

Say "Cheese" with this fabulous cheese board | @D.L. Rhein

Marble Swiss Chesse Platter and Cheese Knife – $125

From Haunted to Harmonious

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“We came to Miss Havisham’s house, which was of old brick and dismal…I saw everything within my view which ought to be white, had been white long ago, and had lost its lustre, and was faded and yellow.”

– Great Expectations, Charles Dickens

  Ever feel like you’ve walked into a haunted house?  That’s how this client’s newly acquired property felt the minute I entered its doors.  It was built in Santa Monica in the 1920’s and appeared to have stayed in its original form.  Many homes from this era are undergoing renovations to bring them into the 21st century.  The house was bought with the intention of tearing it down and building a dream home on the land.  Due to permits and regulations within the city, it was going to be at least a year until my clients would be able to start the demo.  They were in a pickle as they were paying the mortgages on a rental, and now this one as well.  I suggested that we do some cost effective remodeling so they could live in the new house until they were able to start building from the ground up.  They were thrilled with that idea, and here is how we made grungy become glam.

Wallpaper changes EVERYTHING! | D.L. Rhein

There was only one bathroom downstairs, which made it a focal point for guests.  We decided to have some fun in this space and give it a stunning Perroquet wallpaper from one of my favorite designers Nina Campbell.  This beautiful sink was salvaged from a bathroom upstairs and fit perfectly within this chic new space.  Old vinyl floors got new life with Hollandlac paint, another one of my go to staples.  The crisp white baseboards and sink were the perfect accents to the dramatic black backgrounds.  read more

Dragon’s Flair

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“Perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us once beautiful and brave.”  – Rainer Maria Rilke

A bathroom makeover that would make any 13 year old smile from ear to ear @ DL Rhein | www.dlrhein.comBathrooms may be my favorite thing to remodel.   They are smaller spaces and therefore, people seem to be willing to take more of a risk and do something bold that makes a statement.  In this case, at the prompting of my daughter Mia, I was ecstatic when she saw a swatch of my favorite wallpaper and said, “I would loooove to have that in my bathroom!”, that she shares with her younger sister Rose.  And so the transformation begun… read more