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“Every house where love abides and friendship is a guest, is surely home; and home, sweet home for there the heart can rest.” – Henry Van Dyke



Upon completing Part One and Part Two of this palatial duplex, it was time to get cracking on the bedrooms and baths.  This highly trafficked  bathroom had seen better days and we couldn’t wait to dig in while keeping it affordable.  It was time to say goodbye to the old, and welcome all the new accoutrements for a modern bathroom that would please its guests as well as the home dwellers.

AFTER | GUEST BATH REMODEL #dlrhein #bathremodel


We began by turning the walls into one solid surface and painting them white to help elongate the small room.  The shelf running along the entire backside was a continuation of the sink in desperate need of updating.   Small penny tiles had become very dingy over time.  Ceramic diamond and octagons from Home Depot replaced the old and were filled in with a taupe grout to match the vanity.  Big bang for the buck at less than $7 per square foot!



Bye bye incohesive components and motel shower….

AFTER | GUEST BATH REMODEL #dlrhein #bath remodel #marthastewart for home depot

HELLOOOOO , clean lines, functional space and magnificent marble!  This Martha Stewart vanity is one of my favorite go to’s for bathroom cabinets that house a sink.  It comes in white and beautifully holds whatever shade of Benjamin Moore we choose to repaint it in.

BEFORE | GUEST BATH SHOWER REMODEL #dlrhein #bathremodel


This shower was so tiny, it’s hard to believe anyone ever relaxed in here, let alone washed that grey right out of their hair!

AFTER | GUEST BATH SHOWER REMODEL #dlrhein #marble #shower


Eureka!  The bathroom gods have worked their magic yet again!  By knocking out the alcove sides around the old stall, the new shower more than doubled its size.  Glass doors allow for the stunning marble to be seen at all times as well as futhering the illusion of a larger space overall.  Modern shiny nickel handles add a touch of Hollywood glam and pick up the gold tones in the marble’s wondrous veins.  A bench seat offers a place to relax and take in the steam or shave your legs without toppling over!



Let the bedrooms begin!  In keeping with the rest of the home, we sanded and restained the existing blonde hardwoods making them look as though they had just been laid.

AFTER | BEDROOM REMODEL #dlrhein #bedroomremodel #woodfloors


Back to our perfect harmony of ebony and ivory!  With a monochromatic template, anything is possible.  Neutral bases are the perfect canvas to add color and excitement.  Oh, how we would love to dress this room!   The master bath and bedroom are a miraculous transformation, stay tuned for the final installment of this duplicitous duplex!



“The kitchen really is the castle itself.  This is where we spend our happiest moments and where we find the joy of being a family.” – Mario Batali

BEFORE | Kitchen Remodel


After remodeling the living and dining rooms, we couldn’t wait to dig into this kitchen, sink and all!  It was time to modernize not only the aesthetic, but its appliances and functionality.  In keeping with the rest of the home’s facelift, a sleek ebony and ivory palate was just what the juje doctor ordered!  I told my contractor, make everything blanc and call me in the morning.  read more


BATHTIME BLUES 150 150 admin

“The blue we bathe in is the blue we breathe.  The blue we breathe, I fear, is what we want from life and only find in fiction.  For the voyeur, fiction is what’s called going all the way.” – William Gass

A young boy's bathroom in need of a facelift. Read our post to see how we did it. #tile #makeover #bathroom | @D.L. Rhein


 A dear friend of mine was desperate to update her teenage boys’ bathroom from the 1980’s to the new millenium.  She wanted it to be modern with a little edge so we opted for some industrial fixtures, still keeping with a clean aesthetic.  Out with the lineloeum and formica, in with the marble.  The results were tremendous!

New fixtures, sinks, tile, + Mirrors. Read our post to see how we did it. #tile #makeover #bathroom | @D.L. Rhein


 A new white vanity with a marble slab and raised porcelain sinks replaced old wooden cabinets at an economical price.  The faucets were replaced with tall spouts from Ferguson, the perfect match for the chrome hardware.  Lineoleum floors were ripped out to make way for veined marble tiles.  Kensington Recessed Medicine Cabinets from Pottery Barn are sleek and sly with their hidden storage.  Edison Glass Sconces from Restoration Hardware are a beautiful touch of soft lighting.

Out with the old, in with the new. Read our post to see how we did it. #tile #makeover #bathroom | @D.L. Rhein


Blue tile and taupe walls - just what this teenager needed to update his bathroom. Read our post to see how we did it. #tile #makeover #bathroom | @D.L. Rhein

The tub and shower had to go!  Navy Subway tiles from Discount Tile, an excellent local resource Angelenos, are a dramatic backdrop for clear glass doors and a modern square tub.

A double sink…Yes, Please!  Read our post to see how we did it. #tile #makeover #bathroom | @D.L. Rhein

The walls were transformed with Benjamin Moore’s Whale Gray mixed with Hollandlac from Fine Paints of Europe to create a lacquered effect.   A brand new bathroom with dramatic results while keeping on a tight budget.   Now when the boys cry the blues about their bathroom, it will be with good reason.




From Haunted to Harmonious

From Haunted to Harmonious 150 150 admin

“We came to Miss Havisham’s house, which was of old brick and dismal…I saw everything within my view which ought to be white, had been white long ago, and had lost its lustre, and was faded and yellow.”

– Great Expectations, Charles Dickens

  Ever feel like you’ve walked into a haunted house?  That’s how this client’s newly acquired property felt the minute I entered its doors.  It was built in Santa Monica in the 1920’s and appeared to have stayed in its original form.  Many homes from this era are undergoing renovations to bring them into the 21st century.  The house was bought with the intention of tearing it down and building a dream home on the land.  Due to permits and regulations within the city, it was going to be at least a year until my clients would be able to start the demo.  They were in a pickle as they were paying the mortgages on a rental, and now this one as well.  I suggested that we do some cost effective remodeling so they could live in the new house until they were able to start building from the ground up.  They were thrilled with that idea, and here is how we made grungy become glam.

Wallpaper changes EVERYTHING! | D.L. Rhein

There was only one bathroom downstairs, which made it a focal point for guests.  We decided to have some fun in this space and give it a stunning Perroquet wallpaper from one of my favorite designers Nina Campbell.  This beautiful sink was salvaged from a bathroom upstairs and fit perfectly within this chic new space.  Old vinyl floors got new life with Hollandlac paint, another one of my go to staples.  The crisp white baseboards and sink were the perfect accents to the dramatic black backgrounds.  read more

From an Apartment to a Home

From an Apartment to a Home 150 150 admin

 “Space and light and order.  Those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep.” – Le Corbusier

A 1930's Duplex in West Hollywood Makeover Kitchen | D.L. RheinWhen I was asked to remodel a client’s rental property, I jumped at the chance. This wasn’t just any apartment, but a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2500 square foot apartment!  They were looking to update, in order to rent it for a price, worthy of a prime location in a historic Los Angeles neighborhood.  I was given a tight budget and full creative say (woopie!) and am proud to say that I was able to accomplish my vision while keeping the expenses down.

read more