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“Gifts have ribbons, not strings.” – Vanna Bonta


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We want to hear what you have to say!  We love what we do and we love hearing customers ideas and feedback from LA locals to people across the country.  As a token of our sincere appreciation to all of you,  twice a month we will be giving away free product to two lucky subscribers based on a selection of your comments on the posts where we ask a question at the end.  Read the easy directions above, and because you already subscribe, you can skip Step One. Good luck and happy reading!


Eyebobs + A Giveaway!

Eyebobs + A Giveaway! 150 150 admin

At D.L. Rhein, we love giving things away… cheerful smiles, key chains, gift wrap, and Eyebobs!

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Ladies and Gentlemen…

Ladies and Gentlemen… 150 150 admin

We Have a Winner(s)!!



Thank you so much for sending us your peeps!  We love you all, and we love your peeps!  We, D.L. Rhein, promise to bring you interesting, exciting blog posts.  So… for our WINNERS… we were overwhelmed by all the comments over the weekend, and we couldn’t let a couple of days get in the way of your shiny new bracelets.  So…

Elizabeth Aquino & Sandra Barrientos & Elissa Oblath


Come on down to Motor and get your prizes!  See you soon, lovelies!!





Giveaway: Semi-Precious Bracelet!

Giveaway: Semi-Precious Bracelet! 150 150 admin


Hello darling blog readers!

We love you.  We appreciate you.  We need more of you!  Make five of your friends sign up, have them leave a comment in this post giving you credit. i.e “Jess Young signed me up, and you rule!”  Voila, you win a beautiful semi-precious stone and leather bracelet.  You have one week, until midnight October 7th to get your five (or more!) friends and family members on our blog list.  Don’t forget to have them give you credit.  Winners will be announced Monday morning, via email and on our Facebook page (feel free to like us there too).


Much love,


We Have a Winner

We Have a Winner 150 150 admin

This past Valentine’s Day, we offered our first giveaway.  We shared one of our newest, most favorite candles.  We are happy to say, we have a winner!

We want to thank all of you whom participated.  Especially those of you who turned your friends onto us, followed us on Facebook and Twitter, yet mostly, read our blog.  We are new at this, and look forward to sharing with you all that is going on at DL Rhein!

The winner is:

Congratulations, Sharon!  We will contact you regarding your special gift!

We have tirelessy tried to contact Sharon, but have had little success.  As stated in our original post, we claimed that we would pick another winner had we been unsuccessful locating the original winner.  We have done that.  We have a new winner.  Congratulations, Lisa – this candle is yours! Enjoy.

You have 72 hours to claim your lovely candle!