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Bollywood Bungalow

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“I am as curious about color as one would be visiting a new country, because I have never concentrated so closely on color expression.  Up to now, I have waited at the gates of the temple.” -Henri Matisse

A master bedroom fit for a Queen | D.L. Rhein

I knew I was going to have a blast with this client from the minute we met.  A writer, mother, and adventurous woman, and someone who is intoxicated by color.  Maybe it was her eclectic taste, or her romantic family history, or her rich Indian culture… either way she was ready to take the plunge and turn an all white bungalow into a feast for the eyes.

A busy family of four in need of a place to entertain, relax and double as a home office.  I began pulling swatches of my fave wallpapers and fabrics and we chose color schemes and textures for each room.   Reminiscent of the pigments thrown into the air during the Holi Festival, a mix of Asian inspired decor, dreamy blues, fiery orange, vintage objects and modern twists on traditional pieces turned this home into a haven.  read more