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“She specifically didn’t want a separate dining room, so we made sure we incorporated it nicely, as part of the room, but set apart.” – Jennifer Owens

BEFORE | El Royale Entryway


 The first thing we see in our homes is the entry way.  No matter how small, I want people to feel excited when they open the door and look at something beautiful instead of bare walls.  After a soothing makeover of her master bedroom, we started transforming the rest of the apartment.   Located in the El Royale, this historic landmark has been home to some amazing tenants including Clark Gable, William Faulkner and Judy Holiday.  From the architecture, to its stunning views of the Hollywood Hills, this building holds a century of secrets.  read more


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“There is only one difference between a long life and a good dinner: that, in dinner, the sweets come last.” – Robert Louis Stevenson


They always say, don’t mix business with family.  Well, that is impossible since my parent’s have been my biggest fans since I started my business many moons ago!  I have worked on things in their home in the past, but this project was extra special as it involved something that belonged to my Grandmother.  This stunning burled wood table and chairs was as pristine as could be and looked as though it had never been used.  That Depression era generation took care of their belongings in a different way as things weren’t disposable to them as they are to us today.  When you bought something, you better make it last…FOREVER.  That being said, all these chairs needed was a fabric facelift and the results took years off their face.  read more


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“Too many people just eat to consume calories.  Try dining for a change.” – John  Walters

An outdated dining room needs some love | @D.L. Rhein


After remodeling and making over the entry and kitchen, we couldn’t wait to transform this dining room which was being used for everything else but that. Our clients were ready to have a beautiful space for family dinners and holiday entertaining, as it had become the catchall for the kids school projects.  read more

D.L. Rhein’s “Best of” 2013 ~ Happy + Healthy New Year to All

D.L. Rhein’s “Best of” 2013 ~ Happy + Healthy New Year to All 150 150 admin

From Frames to Mirrors

From Frames to Mirrors 150 150 admin

On one of my adventures in design hunting around the city, I found these two salvaged window frames.  They had stuck together through the years, the two of them, taken off a building somewhere over a hundred years ago.  I bought them, honestly, with no idea in mind for their use, but just knowing that one day, they would be perfect for something.

That day came when I was hired to update the look of a house in my neighborhood, which has a vintage meets industrial feel.  Although the room is already a good size, I knew that adding mirrors to the frames would open it up even more.  The result is a one of a kind showstopper that transformed the dining room into an interesting, yet functional living space.