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“Every time I wanted to give up, if I saw an interesting textile, print, whatever, suddenly I would see a collection.” – Anna Sui

The Los Angeles Mart | @D.L. Rhein

View from the penthouse at the California Textile Show.  The Eastern building is one of my favorite treasures of old Los Angeles.  I marveled at the beautiful patina each morning when I used to pull up to work at my downtown studio.  The Textile show is always a fun day for Jess and I as we always find something.  Whether searching for specific fabrics and trims, finding new exciting designs, or just taking it all in to get inspired for our upcoming projects, there are always fresh and new treasures.  

Fabric Shopping | @D.L. Rhein

 Our first stop was the Home Fabrics booth.  An excellent resource for inexpensive fabrics, it was one of our old go to spots when we were based in the fashion district many moons ago.  Jess thought their new giant tassel collection would make a great necklace, oy va voy!  Our fave new fabric from Home was this embroidered silk Peacock collection.   Jess’ obsession for this glorious bird soon went into overdrive…

Fabric Show Finds | @D.L. Rhein

No one was more excited than Miss Young when Pantone named Emerald Green Color of the Year for 2013, hence the human drapery.   Premier Prints had some beautiful new fabrics and we were drawn to the blue and green colorways.  I am holding the Mali print which I just received some yardage of and can’t wait to make something beautiful with it!

The Simple Things at the LA Fabric Show | @D.L. Rhein

Rolls of Japanese Ribbon | Herringbone, Basketweave and Belgian Natural Linens

LEATLeather - The Perfect Accessory | @D.L. RheinHER_swatches

Loving these leather palates as well as the clever framed display showing color combos!

From Fabric to Magic | @D.L. Rhein

 Many of the vendors get creative with their displays using their textiles.  These kitchy floral prints were given an asian spin.  We are  loving the sequined fabric turned shift as well as the metallic fabric turned vintage cocktail dress.

JESSJess being Jess | @D.L. Rhein1

Finally, as the day is coming to an end, I walk down the hall, calling out to Jess wondering where she has disappeared to, AGAIN!  She lays in wait, grinning coyly, “Do you think this would make a good quinceanera dress?”  Erupting in laughter, we skip away for an afternoon pick me up at Pressed Juicery before we braved the rush hour traffic.  Another swell day at the office!