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“The dining room in my old house was truly magnificent, but by far the worst room for conversation.  I’d get up from the table, a very long table, and somebody would always say, ‘Paul, I never got to talk to you.” – Paul Lynde

BEFORE | Previous owners' dining room


The dining room pictured above belonged to the previous home owners.  When our fab client moved in, she immediately took it from early colonial to Hollywood Glamour.  You loved how her living room transformed, feast your eyes on  this chic Salle a Manger! 

AFTER | Black and White Lacquer Dining Room | D.L. Rhein #JonathanAdler #Maximechair #MeuriceChandelier #dlrhein

Great minds think alike!  She started by replacing the damask wallpaper with wood paneling lacquered in jet black reminding me of our luxe library remodel.   Dramatic and sleek, the glossy paint makes everything in the room pop with color.  She had a modern custom built in cabinet made to store beautiful crystal and china and serve as a buffet when entertaining guests.  Wooden slat ceiling panels were replaced with new moulding and painted stark white.  The Meurice Chandelier from Jonathan Adler further set the tone for how the room would continue to evolve.

#JonathanAdler #Maximechair #dlrhein #embroidered double arch #pillows | D.L. Rhein

A true lover of Mr. Adler’s designs, these brass Maxime chairs upholstered in white are as sexy as they come.  Touches of yellow and turquoise throughout the room made our client snatch up our Double Arch embroidered pillows that we had cut down to be the perfect size for these chairs.   Glass urns etched with Greek key (another favorite motif of the Mrs.) are a stunning way to have a candle lit dinner for two.

AFTER | Dining Room | D.L. Rhein  #JonathanAdler #Meuricechandelier #Maximechair #dlrhein #customdiningtable

Full of spunk and great ideas, she wanted a round table to encourage conversation amongst everyone when sitting down to break bread.  We custom made this beauty in solid wood stained in ebony to match the room, while still showing off the beautiful grain.  A stenciled “zebra” hide anchors the room and blends the ebony and ivory into perfect harmony.

Dining Room Centerpiece | D.L. Rhein #marble #grapes

Over sized marble grapes are a stunning centerpiece while still keeping with our client’s  love of sophisticated kitsch and whimsy.

Black Laquer Shelves | D.L. Rhein #coral #foodogs #vintageart #buddah #horn

We dug through our vintage art archives and found some amazing black and white mini paintings that were framed in black to disappear within the shelves.  Coral and a vintage buddah carved out of marble worked beautifully with her foo dogs, turquoise vases and golden horn.

Black Lacquer Shelves | D.L. Rhein #chinoiserie #coral #foodogs #spiders #vintageart

An antique chinoiserie couple hold court amidst vintage spider prints we scored in Paris.  A porcelain hand fashioned after old Belgian glove forms is a welcoming wave into this sumptuous dining room.  Her window treatments are lined with a bold greek key trim, exactly like the curtains in one of our stores.  Working with someone with a similar aesthetic is effortless.  We found ourselves finishing each others sentences, including the night I got to have dinner in this stunning room.  The wine and conversation flowed into the dark, dark night.  A Bon Nuit indeed!