“Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality.”
– Nikos Kazantzakis

BEFORE |D.L. RHEIN Motor Avenue

D.L. RHEIN | Store Front Before Remodel

Sometimes you don’t realize how dated something looks until you take it away and replace it with something new.  Such was the case with our store front on Motor Avenue.  To be fair, for a long time we did have a lovely awning that covered the upper portion of our window.  The problem is, it blocked out a considerable amount of sunlight and our store always looked closed when looking in from the street.  And, everyone on our street has an awning.  People were sometimes confusing the stores, and often assumed we were the same business as one of our next door neighbors.   As our interior design services continued to grow and flourish by word of mouth, we wanted to make a dramatic change that would catch people’s eye who may have never wandered through our doors before as we are located in an area that is more of a destination than places in town that are heavily trafficked just by nature of their physical address.  We needed to do something that reflects our aesthetic, our services, and our passion for design.  Ready to take a leap, we are overwhelmed by the results of a complete exterior face lift that has moved its way inside our store. 

AFTER |D.L. RHEIN Motor Avenue Exterior Remodel

Goodbye yucky white stucco, hello beautiful and rich color!  We searched high and low for the perfect shade of paint and unanimously decided on Sherwin William’s Urbane Bronze.  A luscious blend of brown and grey, it looked beautiful against everything we put it against.  Less severe than black, and far more exciting than off white, it makes everything on and around it stand out and captured exactly what we were going for.  New brass letters pop off the rich color can be seen from far away.  What’s that border you ask?  It’s a living wall.  That’s right!  Live succulents, moss, and cacti were carefully planted in a custom wood frame adding another show stopping layer to our much needed facelift.  We love hearing people walk by and debate whether it is real or not.

Custom Gold Window Decals | D.L. RHEIN Motor Avenue

Custom gold decals were applied to the glass letting people know exactly what we are about and strive to bring every single customer that walks through our doors.  Whether someone is looking for the perfect gift, home decor, help with their house, or all the right fixings for a celebratory event, we can do it all from right inside our store and studio.  Design + Create + Inspire + Celebrate + Give + Love.

Live Succulent Wall | D.L. RHEIN Motor Avenue

Succulents and Cacti were the right choice for so many reasons.  They are native to our warm California climate and are drought resistant.  This entire wall takes less than a gallon to water, we use more than that taking a shower each day!  Also, these desert beauties come in countless varieties and shades of color.  From silver to green to fuschia, they work effortlessly against the yummy shade of paint we chose.  Once we did the exterior, we knew we had to continue the remodel into our store.

BEFORE |D.L. RHEIN Motor Avenue Store Interior


The silver spruce walls and vintage French wallpaper served us well for many years….

AFTER | D.L. RHEIN Motor Avenue Interior Store Remodel

But can’t compare to this!  Pale blue turns dark and sexy with Benjamin Moore’s Cheating Heart.   We searched high and low for the perfect wallpaper to compliment it, and fell in love with Walnut Wallpaper‘s Lush in Coral.  Gold, coral, and turquoise – the perfect trifecta!

D.L. RHEIN Motor Avenue |Walnut Wallpaper in Lush Coral

Buddah raises the roof with joy over our new look.   We look forward to welcoming you into our “new” store.