Pretty Pastels

Pretty Pastels

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“You have taken Fester and turned him into your personal love slave. I respect that. But Debbie (gesturing at the decor around her)…PASTELS?” 
― Angelica Huston as Morticia Addams

Hand dyed eggs, paintings, vintage shoes…pastels remind us of springtime holidays and a romantic nod to the past.   Soothing and calm, they perfectly  lend themselves to food, art, and accessories.   Here is some of our fave inspiration with some decor ideas for your perfect Easter celebration!

French Cereal Bowls – D.L. Rhein | Venice, Italy | Pink Ombre Cake
Vintage Pastel Accessories | Pastel Chalks
French Macaroons | Ball Jar Chandelier | Hand-blown Glasses

What’s your favorite pastel inspiration?