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“I grew up with classical music blasting in my parents’ living room and my older brother’s practicing saxophone in his room listening to jazz…a beautiful chaos.” – Josephine de la Baume

BEFORE | Brown Living Room


  With a beautiful home that was built in the twenties, our clients were ready to do a complete makeover of their formal living room.  We began with their entry, and it started to evolve around the rest of the house.  It’s amazing how color can transform a room, which was the first step when we remodeled their kitchen and dining room.  Bye Bye light brown, Hello rich ebony!  

Living Room Remodel | Classic Modern | #dlrhein


The first dramatic change was turning the hardwood floors from blonde to brunette.   I love the contrast of dark wood against crisp white walls, and it makes the other accent pieces really stand out.  Desperate for storage, we removed the floating shelves and in their place went these vintage cabinets fit for a palace.  They are as beautiful as they are functional and I called my clients the minute I spotted these as I knew these were a one of a kind find that I wouldn’t come across again.  They agreed and the rest is history.

Hand Carved Vintage Asian Cabinet | #dlrhein

Hand carved wood with original brass hardware.  Do you know how hard it is to find vintage asian furniture that still has the closure pins?!

BEFORE | Brown Living Room


Linen Couches | Rams Head Coffee Table | #dlrhein

I always work with what clients have whenever possible.  Their existing couches were the right size, but needed a facelift.  By squaring off the arms and turning the seats into one long cushion, they look brand new dressed in a woven blue grey linen.

Vintage Rams Head Coffee Table | Vintage Rug | #dlrhein

We plotzed when we came across this coffee table.  Nothing stubborn about these rams! The brass details picks up the mustard undertones in a vintage hooked rug.

Vintage Furniture in a Sunny Alcove | #dlrhein

A vintage red velvet chair takes center stage in the sun filled alcove flanked with a vintage bamboo table painted red and a porcelain pot brimming with a fern.

Double Arches Embroidered Pillows | #dlrhein

Turquoise and navy Double Arches embroidered pillows from our 2014 collection.

Antique "L" Bowl | #dlrhein

I am a sucker for silver bowls and trays and bought this piece due to it’s large size.  When searching our studio for a center piece for the coffee table, we noticed the “L” engraved on the bowl, perfect for a family whose last name starts with L!

Modern Painting | Vintage Horn Ship | #dlrhein

 I found this modern painting hiding in another room.  It deserved a prime location and is an interesting juxtaposition against this vintage ship made of polished horn.  Effortless yet eclectic, this living room is comfortable and vibrant, waiting to be filled with guests and conversation.  Don’t be afraid of color, it takes things from dull to daring.