Pink Palace, Chez Rhein

Pink Palace, Chez Rhein

Pink Palace, Chez Rhein 150 150 admin

Ah, The Beverly Hills Hotel… there’s no place like it.  Where else can you say Katharine Hepburn drove into the pool and Howard Hughes got roast beef sandwiches delivered to his… tree?  No place on Earth!  A week ago, we were honored to be a part of the John Wayne Cancer Institute’s benefit at the celebrated hotel.  The JWCI has been at the forefront of cancer research since its founding, in 1981.  It was formed by the Wayne family in memory of John Wayne, who died of stomach cancer.  John Wayne himself stayed at the Pink Palace: I wouldn’t be surprised to hear he rode up on a horse through the pink pillars.

I was approached by a lovely customer M.Z, a beautiful survivor (and thriver) to participate in the event.  When I found out my cousin W.E.’s mother-in-law was being honored, I couldn’t say no!  The honoree E.E. has helped raise money and awareness for cancer research for many years.  I am grateful to be able to help in my own little D.L. way.  The special event took place in the hotel’s original ballroom, the Crystal Ballroom, done in the Art Deco style.  J.Y. and I made our entrance, along with lots of shiny goodies en-tow, to compete with the crystal chandelier!

When I heard the event would be at The Beverly Hills Hotel, I immediately thought of all the beautiful palm trees.  I brought a tree of my own… a jewelry tree…

Our table, featuring Gifts to Go

I couldn’t help but notice something about the doors at the Beverly Hills Hotel (right)… they are very similar to the door Chez Rhein (left)!!

by: Leroy Neiman

Jess and I ended the day as two ladies should… at the Polo Lounge in the Pink Palace with some vino.  Their bread basket was filled with this scrumptious blue cheese bread.  I brought it home to the kids, Chez Rhein, and they just about went into convulsions.  “Mac n Cheese Bread” it’s called in our family now- should I call the Polo Lounge and tell them?