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“The best executive is one who has sense enough to pick good people to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them
while they do it.” – Theodore Roosevelt



After an amazing experience remodeling an entire floor for a fab production company, we find ourselves at the denoument of this project.  A large alcove within the office was begging to be transformed into a useable space.   With great thought given to every detail in the entry, kitchen, communal living room, conference room and brainstorm room, the partners needed a space to unwind or meet with clients in professional yet relaxed setting.



These swivel chairs had seen better days.  But that didn’t stop us!  The perfect size and shape, we knew these beauties could be given new life in a yummy tufted velvet.

Executive Lounge | Downtown LA |Design by D.L.Rhein |Photo by Amy Bartlam.

With variegated grey carpeting in all of the office spaces, a giant white hide breaks up the monotony and adds texture.  Airy and open, this room welcomes visitors with a comfy place to enjoy a cocktail after a long meeting.  A pair of marble and chrome coffee tables can be moved apart when needed for additional surfaces.   A pop of yellow brightens a grey sofa in our Turkish silk velvet textiles.

Executive Lounge | Downtown LA |Design by D.L.Rhein |Photo by Amy Bartlam

Navy is one of my favorite colors.  Classic, yet bold, this hue of blue always rings true.   These armchairs were so thrashed we immediately sent them for reupholstering, but picture that they were covered in burlap, yikes!  Antique brass nail heads outline the frame of these dreamy seats.  The softest alpaca pillows you’ve ever felt add some extra cush for your tush.  A single wall was painted blue to bring some dimension to this very long room.   We loved this vintage NY times print in their old office, and found it a perfect home in the exec lounge.

Exec Lounge | Downtown LA |Design by D.L.Rhein | Photo by Amy Bartlam

I’ve been mildly obsessed lately with stripping vintage furniture of any stain or paint, and leaving the natural raw beauty to shine.  It adds interest and keeps everything from looking too sleek and matchy-matchy.  This marble top round table was just the right size for sketching out the next great idea, or just doodling to unwind the mind.  We put plants throughout the office because we always love a touch of nature indoors, and with limited fresh air, these beauties help purify the space.  This was one of our most exciting projects to date.  Nothing brings greater joy than knowing your clients love every inch of a redesigned and renovated space.  Seeing these creative minds in action, is nothing short of extraordinary.  This really was, a perfect production.  Finis.