“The eagle never lost so much time, as when he submitted to learn of the crow.”
– William Blake

Karga 7 Before 2


When one of our favorite client couples approached us to design their new production office, we flipped at the chance.  With a company continuing to grow, it was time to move out of their now cramped quarters and into a big open space to fit their needs.  One of the things we love about them is that every thing they choose has meaning, both in its aesthetic and function.  This philosophy is reflected within their work space and what they present to their clients.  Two months later, we collaborated and curated not just an office, but a creative environment that would ensure that every one feel at home whether visiting or coming to work each day.  No detail was without great thought, and it began with the first thing you see when entering their offices. 

Crow Mural by Onur Dinc | Design by D.L. Rhein | Photography by Amy Bartlam













Welcome to Karga 7 Pictures!  The company logo is a crow, and like everything else they do, this did not come without great thought when naming their company.  Karga is the Turkish word for crow, and according to an old poem, seven crows signify a journey, hence Karga 7.  Specializing in non fiction, theatrical feature films and commercials, the team at Karga 7 has an eye for beauty and attention to every detail.  The owners commissioned Onur Dinc, an artist from Switzerland (with Turkish roots) to transform their entry into a larger than life mural.   The result was tremendous, and it is impossible not to be awestruck when viewing this masterpiece in person.

Karga 7 Before 8


As you can see, the wide open space of the center of the office was a blank canvas with endless possibilities.  The challenge came when trying to map out the best use of space, while keeping a comfortable vibe that everyone could feel relaxed in at all times.  Whether it be idea swapping over a morning coffee, or late night editors needing to rest their eyes for a bit, this cavernous room became a living room of sorts furthering the communal nature of this hard working team.

Reception at Karga 7 | Design by D.L. Rhein | Photography by Amy Bartlam

I love re purposing furniture, especially when it can become something entirely different.  This beautiful desk, was a vintage wood console low to the ground.  We raised the base and added brass sheeting to the bottom giving it some oomph while still keeping its classic old world beauty.  The back was hollowed out, allowing for a desk chair to tuck right in, making it the perfect reception station.

Reception Curios | Design by D.L. Rhein | Photography by Amy Bartlam

When designing a space, it is important to keep budgets in mind, no matter what the project.  These metal and glass shelving units from Ikea are modern and sleek, and were just what we were looking for.   One of a kind vintage treasures, live succulents, minerals and books wrapped in brown paper reflect the eclectic and well traveled style of this company.

Living Room at Karga 7 | Design by D.L. Rhein | Photography by Amy Bartlam

One of 4 lounge spaces within the giant living room in the center of the office.  After several configurations, and countless pieces of furniture to choose from our storage, we found just the right fabrics and finishes to make these mini rooms within a room a unique yet cohesive space.  Leather, hides, and hand loomed Turkish silk velvet allow for a great mix of texture and style.  One of my favorite pieces is this wood bench recovered in a vintage wool blanket from Hollywood at Home.

Steamer Trunk Coffee Table | Design by D.L. Rhein | Photography by Amy Bartlam

A vintage leather steamer trunk becomes a coffee table atop this vintage Kilim rug.  A metal tray, vintage dictionary and antler add a touch of whimsy.

Lande Office Before 1


We literally recovered and or remade every piece of upholstered furniture placed in this room.  Since there are too many pictures to show of befores, we chose these yellow velvet arm chairs to give you a sense of how a well made frame can be transformed into anything your heart desires.

Living Room at Karga 7 | Design by D.L. Rhein | Photography by Amy Bartlam

Bye Bye Granny’s velvet, Hello to natural linen with a double row of antiqued brass nailheads.  These beauties were also turned into swivel chairs, allowing for people to easily turn towards other conversations when one on ones are through.  Round orbs of fiberglass designed by Moooi hang throughout the room radiating light and are pieces of art within themselves.

Living Room at Karga 7 | Design by D.L. Rhein | Photography by Amy Bartlam

A vintage wood frame couch got the makeover it had been yearning for with a plush velvet re upholstered back and navy wool flannel on the front.  A Mongolian sheepskin adds a layer of luxury, and picks up the neutral tones of the vintage Kilim below.

Living Room at Karga 7 | Design by D.L. Rhein | Photography by Amy Bartlam

Old school circus lights are a fun play on the company’s name.  We had a blast collecting vintage magazine racks for this project as they love kicking back and reading in their new space.  This vintage Kilim is filled with unexpected colors and everything seemed to work effortlessly when placed on its pretty palatte.

Living Room at Karga 7 | Design by D.L. Rhein | Photography by Amy Bartlam

We go for Indigo!  A mid century wood backed couch is covered in hand dyed indigos from Africa and made far more comfortable with an upholstered back cushion.  A giant ottoman is tufted in navy velvet and allows people to sit on all corners.  Live plants are a must in offices that are running on recirculated air.  Not only do they bring the outdoors in, they also help purify the air and release much needed fresh oxygen.

Living Room at Karga 7 | Design by D.L. Rhein | Photography by Amy Bartlam

We know, the rugs are insane in here! Hand selected from one of our favorite rug vendors, we found the perfect floor coverings to match the colors within each space.  This pink beauty is contrasted with navy, a perfect marriage to all of this furniture.  One of several vintage marble top tables we acquired, needed some minor touch ups as the mid century wood legs were just what we were looking for.  Polished vintage with an updated twist is how we can best describe this project that had us swooning each time we did an install.   This is only the beginning…stay tuned for Part 2!