Parisian Lions

Parisian Lions

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After a fantastic trip to the beautiful city of Paris, we are sorting through our many pictures.  We want to share them all with you in the coming months: the inspiration, design, and passion we found.  This being the month of LOVE, and Paris being the city of LIGHTS… well, it’s a match made in heaven.

We start with Parisian lions!

Hear us roar…

There are lions everywhere in Paris: guarding government buildings and homes, in stone, stuffed, and on wrought iron fences.

We couldn’t help but wonder where lions in design originate.  Thinking maybe the English had something to do with it, with those lions on their coats of arms, we studied a little history and learned that Edward III, an English king, ascended to the French throne in the 13th Century, by way of his mother, Queen Isabella of France.  While he did, in fact, add lions to the French fleur de lis on the coat of arms, we found that lions have been in French design much, much longer than that…

The first depictions of lions ever date back 32,000 years to a cave, the Chauvet Cave, which is in the south of France!

Found in ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Greece as well, lions have been used in sculptures and statuary since the beginning of time to symbolize power and create a sense of awe.

The figure of a lion symbolizes strength, with a gentle side to it.  May we all be this way.