Paris, à Mais Oui!

Paris, à Mais Oui!

Paris, à Mais Oui! 150 150 admin

It might be eighty degrees outside, but today we are dreaming of snow in Paris.  We will bundle up in cashmere, pea coats, and scarves and look (or feel) très chic.  Why Paris? Pour que non (why not)?

Eiffel Tower Bottle Openers, D.L. Rhein

D’accord, ici (here) at D.L. Rhein, in the shivering heat, we draw warmth from the fact that we are leaving for Paris in D minus eleven days!!  Oui oui!!  Jess and I are hitting the road straight to the land of moules et frites and chocolate croissants, flea markets extraordinaire, red wine on the Seine, and Maison & Objet, the trade show.  We will return (a few pounds heavier) with the newest objets for your maison (home).  Ice skating at the Eiffel Tower?  Check.  Coffee at Monmartre?  You bet.  We could not be more excités!

Hip Paris Blog

Like I mentioned, I absolutely expect to indulge in my share of French food (and then walk it off- or maybe take a French dance class)!  But where to go?  I checked with “that chocolate guy” David Lebovitz, and he has some great recommendations on his blog, including a whole page on duck confit!

Photos by Susan Salzman

We will be renting an apartment (still ironing out which arrondissement ), so we will have a kitchen.  Food markets are famous in France.  Depending on where we stay, just might shop for produce and poultry at the Marche d’Aligre, a covered marketplace in Paris, as recommended to us by one of our very favorite customers, Stacy Ingber on her lovely blog.  It will all be so magnifique!

Tout à l’heure…