Ornament of the Week: Ganesh!

Ornament of the Week: Ganesh!

Ornament of the Week: Ganesh! 150 150 admin

Christmas is almost here- please tell me it’s not too late for Ornament of the Week!

Ganesh is our ornament of the week, because he is such a charmer… and so is our hand blown Ganesh ornament.

Ganesh is one of the most recognizable of Hindu deities.  He can be found standing, sitting, dancing, writing, or protecting his family.  Images of him are found throughout India and Nepal, and he is worshiped in all sects of Hinduism.   An elephant head and trunk, human arms and legs, and a protruding belly are his consistent features.

How did he get his elephant head?  Well, that is up for debate: most stories do say he was born with a human head and acquired the elephant head later… how is the question.  One story says that Shiva, a main Hindu god, yogi and Ganesh’s father, was responsible.  Ganesh stepped into a battle between his parents Shiva and Parvati.  Ganesh was up in their business, so Shiva beheaded him and replaced his head with an elephant’s.  That’s some disciplinary action!

Ganesh is chiefly known as the Remover of Obstacles: just ask Jessica Young, who prayed to him for a parking spot on La Brea!  He is called upon before a big decision is made, or a performance given; and because he is often associated with red and sometimes carries a bowl of sweet balls, devotees give him red flowers and sweets.  I’ve got some pretty red items I could decorate him with.  He also is called upon for help in the arts.  During writing sessions, he is invoked as the Patron of Letters:

Dear Ganesh,

Please help make this post interesting…

It’s the holidays, and I’d like to help make the season bright.

Thanks G,