“In Morocco, it’s possible to see the Atlantic and Mediterranean at the same time.”
– Tahar Ben Jelloun

Moroccan Bathroom Remodel | D.L. RHEIN

Bathrooms really are “rest” rooms.  A place to wash away the day or prepare for upcoming events, and should be soothing to the body and soul.  We couldn’t wait to remodel this shared bathroom for the teenagers of the house as they enter the next stage of life.  Sporting events and social functions galore, we wanted to give them a beautiful space now that toys and bubble gum toothpaste are a thing of the past.  Filled with sunshine and beachy tones, this bathroom is something to behold…

Martha Stewart Vanity Sinks | D.L. RHEIN

One of our favorite affordable pieces are these twin vanity sinks by Martha Stewart for Home Depot.  Simple design that we custom paint in our favorite Benjamin Moore colors, and dress up with some new chrome hardware, shown here in Revere Pewter.  (See how we did it in black and charcoal.)  A vintage seascape oil painting from one of our hunts is just the right touch to these white walls and blue accents.

Beveled Medicine Cabinets from Lowe's | D.L. RHEIN

Beveled medicine cabinets from Lowe’s are sleek and modern and provide additional hidden storage.  One for sister, one for brother, each with their own space to keep their personal items out of sight but within reach.  Blown glass vases hold fresh cut roses from the garden and our ski and surf glasses are a far cry from paper dixie cups.

Turkish Silk Velvet Upholstered Bench | D.L. RHEIN

A new bath tub ready for a dip inside these stunning marble walls.

Moroccan Tile by Martyn Lawrence Bullard for Ann Sacks | D.L. RHEIN

Can we talk about that tile?!  Well worth the wait as each of these is hand crafted in the traditional Moroccan technique.  Customized color and divine pattern by the fabulous Martyn Lawrence Bullard, available at the one and only Ann Sacks.   A vintage bench was recovered in one of our hand loomed silk velvets from Turkey.  Is this a perfect match or what?

Natural Jute Baskets, Our Favorite Way To Store Towels | D.L. RHEIN

We are crazy about these natural jute baskets.   Perfect for holding towels, laundry, blankets or even a plant.

Marble Shower Remodel | D.L. RHEIN

A much needed update to this shower is just what the doctor ordered.  Glass doors with new chrome hardware and marble walls make taking a shower a pleasure instead of a chore.

Marble Meets Moroccan Concrete Tile | D.L. RHEIN

Small marble tiles laid in a herringbone pattern are reminiscent of the land meeting the sea when juxtaposed against these stellar beauties.  Clean and serene, this bathroom will stand the test of time.  I know I’d love to be a guest here!