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“When Charlotte really liked somebody she said their whole name.  It helped her picture their future monogrammed towels.” – Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

Say it with a Monogram Pillow | D.L. Rhein

The history of the Monogram can be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman rulers who first used monograms on coins to identify the ruler of the region.  In the Middle Ages, artisans began signing their work with their “signature” monogram.  During these times, the monogram was simply two initials.  Rembrandt signed with RH in his early years, then moved on to the more formal triple initial style in the latter years.  From the late 1800’s through the present day, monograms have become a modern, trendy way to identify one’s belongings as opposed to showing their wealth or status.

Modern British Royals are known for using just the first two initials of the wedded couple’s names, the husbands initial always appearing first.  That rule was broken with newlyweds William and Catherine as their initials are “WC,” which in England stands for water closet, their word for bathroom!

Their is no right or wrong way to monogram these days, unless you want something very formal.  I love the modern twist of a single letter as shown above to denote the family’s last name.  The antique font embroidered in kelly green, gives it a fresh and less formal feel when placed between turquoise chevron pillows.

Gifts feel more personalized when they are monogrammed | D.L. Rhein

Monograms make something personal and a little more special when your name is emblazoned upon an object or article of clothing.   Heck, it’s practically a right of passage from the time of birth in The South.   Jess has told me all about her college room mate’s  “luggage tag” jewelry from Canton, Mississippi.   Monograms are a fun gift for an anniversary, birthday,  or wedding. Here are our top favorites, available by custom order at our stores. Make it unique by choosing your color combinations, letters and words.

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