Made in America: Not M.I.A.

Made in America: Not M.I.A.

Made in America: Not M.I.A. 150 150 admin

So many great things have come out of America: from the birth of Hollywood (oh, the glamour!) to cowboy boots, self-made men and women, the Ford Thunderbird, handmade Americana quilts, Bruce Springsteen (Danny’s idol), my children… all with attention to quality and craftsmanship, especially my kiddies!

Made in America does not need to be M.I.A.  I have always believed in doing my part.  I started D.L. Rhein one day at home with a passion for beautiful things,  some rickety old picture frames, flowers from my garden, and a glue gun.  The dream is alive and well here at D.L. Rhein, as well as at other great U.S. companies.

We all know Apple and Starbucks and the Gap are American-born, and what would we do without them?  Let me tell you, there is nothing wrong with the 1969 Sexy Boot Jeans!

The oldest American company I could find is Annin & Company, maker of the most  American of logos, the flag.  They have been around since 1847, which makes me feel young!

Blenko Glass is up there with traditional American companies.  They have been making hand-blown glass for over a hundred years.  They started with stained glass, and their windows are in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC.  I love the idea of owning a piece of history, and in such a pretty, versatile way!  Our Blenko hand-blown water pitcher is an instant classic and best seller here, as it easily doubles as a flower vase.  If I’m coming to your house for a holiday dinner, I just might be bringing you a piece of American history!

Way up at the tippy-top of this post are my new favorite cosmetic bags and coin purses.  Glenda Gies bought an old purse factory in Pennsylvania years ago and has been making her darling bags out of mostly vintage material ever since.

Straight from NYC comes Motel Deluxe’s bright and clever stationary and another new addition to our American collection.  The name says it all: luxe and cheeky.

There are lots of stories like these out there (or here), both young and old, and it’s exciting to be a part of it.  I’m not a protester by any means, and I’m not saying to give up your Sony TV.  I am just saying, “Wow, there are cool things out there (or here) for us to buy!”  Step into your Boston-made New Balance shoes and run on down to D.L. Rhein for some pretty M.I.A. (Made in America) things, shown above, that you can only get here (not there).