The living room should be a place where we feel totally at ease – temple of the soul.” – Terrence Conran

Encino Living Room Before

We’re baaaaaaaaaack!  After an amazing start to 2015, with chapters closing and new doors opening we are thrilled to be catching our breath and sorting through oodles of pictures of our latest design projects.  Near and dear to my heart for many reasons, this is the next phase of the full remodel of my bestie’s 1960’s ranch in Encino.  You saw what we did with her entry and powder room, get ready for the transformation of her living room.  Blonde wood floors, sage walls, wood beams and a wall of stone…the possibilities were endless!  A fashion scout by day, she was ready to take the plunge to create a space that was worthy of her savvy style and taste in the most important location of all – her home. 

AFTER | Encino Living Room Remodel | D.L. Rhein

Goodbye dreary, hello dreamy!  We began by removing the wood rafters as they served no purpose and in this case, did not jive with the aesthetic remodel of this home.  The crisp white ceiling and walls enhanced the insane amount of natural light they get and leaves room to play with different colors and textures.   Our floor master did a fabulous job of turning the light wood to a soothing walnut shade with hints of grey.  A built in cabinet now holds the tv and cut down some of the vast wall of stone.  A stunning star burst light was the perfect fit for the vibe of the room and gives the illusion of higher ceilings which further adds to the feel of a big open space.

Tapestry Sectional Before

Oh, didn’t we all have some version of a tapestry like fabric on a piece of furniture at some point?  Go on admit it, I did.  Regardless of the fabric, a well made sofa frame allows for a complete overhaul without having to start from nothing.  Bye bye to large rolled arms and hello to modern lines…

AFTER | Encino Sectional | D.L. Rhein

A yummy shade of greige velvet upped the ante on this sectional and made it as chic as it is cozy.   An eclectic mix of pillows bring out the colors in this to die for vintage rug.   The low wooden coffee table was aptly replaced with a vintage Hollywood glam brass and glass cocktail table.  A bone and brass tray (one of our best sellers), holds fresh roses from their garden in an antique claw foot vase from her grandmother.  No more tzotchkes, only objects of beauty and meaning like this marble kiss from Kelly Wearstler.  The only thing missing is the perfect piece of art!  We are still on the hunt for the painting to meld everything together in this well curated living room.

Before - Sectional Chaise

The chaise is the best place to lounge and put your feet up after a hard day pounding the pavement in search of the next greatest trend for her clients across the nation.   The couch was pushed too close to the doors leading outside and was a bit of an afterthought in this room.

AFTER | Sectional Chaise - Encino | D.L. Rhein

This cozy corner is as luxe and sumptuous as it can get!  Layered with New Zealand sheepskin, Mongolian sheep and hand loomed velvets I have been purchasing from Turkey, captured the casual bohemian feel we were going for in this gypsy vagabond room.  The history of Turkish silk weavers dates back to the Ottoman Empire and is still made in the same way on tiny looms, by hand.  A side table in marbled mirror adds additional storage, and a home for this fab antique gilded lamp we found on one of our vintage hunts.  It helped finish the space and fit perfectly if I may say so myself.  Now the french doors can open with ease to let in the fresh air from the beautiful back yard.

Before Fireplace Encino

The existing fireplace was better suited for an old cabin.  We wanted to enhance the existing stone, but give it a more modern look. It is no longer functional, so we also had to find a creative answer to fill it and add some visual warmth.

AFTER | Encino Fireplace | D.L. Rhein

Tiny textured marbled tiles were laid creating a wave pattern and really sparkle to give some much needed reflection to this space.  I always snatch up fire place tools when I find them, and this set was no exception.   Brass andirons serve as an entrance to this fab vintage candlelabra, a fantastic find by my friend and just the right answer to a non working fireplace.  A vintage stool recovered in leopard cow hide provides an extra roar and seat when entertaining.  I don’t know about you, but I want to kick back in this living room with a great glass of wine and equally good music.  This room is grown up, but inviting.  Guests will feel at ease and not stuffy in this space that calls for hanging out, as much as possible.  Let the parties begin!  And wait until you see the rest of the house, plenty more to share very soon.