Inspiration for Designed from the Heart

Inspiration for Designed from the Heart

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The inspiration for the resident rooms at Beit T’Shuvah was an interesting and challenging process.  I wanted to create a serene and  healing environment while sticking to my design aesthetic.  Because the residents are of all ages, I wanted to make the space appealing to anyone who may reside in it for 3 months at a time.

 The biggest challenge was regarding storage.  There was no storage, clothes and belongings were everywhere.  We had to create closets from scratch and Ikea had the perfect solution.  There was also no space to sit in the rooms.  I had custom upholstered bed frames made that would go against the wall and double as a couch during the day.  Here is a peek into what we are using to transform the rooms!

For the women’s room, green limpet sea shells were the main source of inspiration.  These are one of my all time favorite natural wonders and make you feel like you are on an island somewhere. Feminine and subtle, the perfect choice for our palette.

We’re co-ordinating everything around these, even the wall color.  Wait until you see the hand made mirror for the bathroom! Narcissus himself  would undoubtably be stuck looking at it for hours.

The inspiration for the men’s room started with the faux bois floor we installed (wait till you see it).  A greyish brown palette, lending itself to Navy, Chocolate, Taupe and Grey.  Masculin and Modern is what we are going for, not the typical bachelor pad often filled with burgundy and hunter green.  My son Jack even approved, and he has very discerning taste.  “This is a room I would definitely enjoy living in…hint, hint.”


A mixture of textures.  Linen, marble, cotton, sea fans.

This has been one of the most inspiring projects to date in my career.  Stay tuned, the best is yet to come.