Hello 2012 – Farewell 2011

Hello 2012 – Farewell 2011

Hello 2012 – Farewell 2011 150 150 admin

Farewell 2011. You brought me many creative challenges, surprising accomplishments, and blessed me with new and wonderful people.

Farewell to those that I have loved and lost; Mother(my 99 year old grandma), Bruce, and Alex. A year filled with true introspection and gratitude for health, family, and friends.

Hello 2012. Looking forward to new adventures(starting with Paris) and many more endeavors, both professionally and personally.

Hello to discovering new possibilities, embracing what really matters, being in the moment, walking beside my children, and to cuddle more, kiss more, and say lots more “I Love Yous”.

A big thank you to all of my clients, friends, associates, and family who continue to inspire and support me.