Hands On Salon Beverly Hills + A Makeover

Hands On Salon Beverly Hills + A Makeover

Hands On Salon Beverly Hills + A Makeover 150 150 admin

I LOVE a good challenge.  Nothing gets my juices going more than making myself accomplish the almost impossible in a short amount of time.


When I received the phone call from Missy, the new owner of Hands On Beverly Hills, I was intrigued.  Hands On is a day spa, catering to the elite of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Manicures, pedicures, facials, and overall beauty treatments are some of the best in the city.  After our initial meeting I was excited about the redo, but I was questioning if I could get all that needed to be done. With a tight budget and less than 4 weeks to complete the task, I had to think fast.

I immediately called a meeting with my team to discuss my wish list.  Unfortunately, my wish list didn’t fit in the budget so I was forced to be super creative (which is my happy place). I set out all of my ideas on my studio, work table, and it was there that the color scheme, the concept, and the overall look and design was born.

The paint color: Dunn Edwards Silver Spruce inspired the overall feel and design of the space

Walking into the salon, this is the first thing you see.  Make yourself comfortable!

Grab a drink, some snacks, enjoy your treatment, and then SHOP!!

Treatment rooms, before

Treatment rooms After
Facial or Massage anyone?

Before changing the wall covers and resurfacing counter tops, the treatment rooms didn’t provide much in the way of serenity and comfort.
After our transformation, I could stay in these rooms for hours!  And I will!

Working with Missy and her team was a great experience. Pushing me to create something in a short amount of time motivated me to focus and get the job done.  Stop in to Hands On, treat yourself to one of their luxurious treatments, and then come back here and tell us how you liked it!

If you would like help creating the home, store, or workspace that you have always desired to
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