“There is no more reason to believe that man descended from some inferior animal than there is to believe that a stately mansion has descended from a small cottage.”
– William Jennings Bryan

Greystone Mansion Entrance | D.L. Rhein

Beverly Hills has always been known for it’s larger than life estates, but none is as awe inspiring than one of our city’s greatest treasures, Greystone Mansion.  Construction began in 1927 and took over three years to complete at a staggering $3 million dollars.  Imagine what that would cost in 2015!  A gift to his son from Eduard Doheny, (one of the biggest oil tycoons in the world at that time), the estate was a true labor of love with no stone left unturned.  Set on over 18 acres of land, the property consisted of stables, tennis courts, a swimming pool and lake, and it’s very own fire station.  With 55 liveable rooms, this larger than life mansion is reminiscent of a European castle nestled in the Hollywood Hills overlooking the city of Los Angeles.  The history of this haunting and beautiful home is fascinating. It has been the backdrop for many films spanning 6 decades including The Disorderly Orderly and Spiderman just to name a few. It is available for tours, which we highly recommend, and was named a public park by the City of Beverly Hills in the early ’70’s.  One of the board members came into our store and loved our vibe and aesthetic.  She then invited us to create a one of a kind, extravagant table scape for an event to show the Members of Greystone and event attendees what a private dinner could entail at this glorious manse.  Oh what fun we had creating this stunning dinner party… 

Custom Tablescape we designed for GreyStone Mansion in collaboration with Seed Floral | D.L. Rhein

A special event calls for stunning details with its own unique flair.  Inspired by the colors of our favorite bird the peacock, we began by creating a sumptuous table cloth made of indigo silk velvet and trimmed with hand sewn peacock feathers.  Regal and royal, it was the perfect starting point to allow us to focus our vision on the colorful details to make this table sing.

Our table scape for a private dinner party at Greystone Mansion.  Centerpiece by the amazing Seed Floral.  | D.L. Rhein

We hit the jackpot by getting to collaborate with the fabulous and talented Stephanie Elhayani, owner and creative director of Seed Floral.  We sent her some small peacocks and said we wanted rich jewel tones and she took it from there creating a masterful centerpiece for our table.  Lush, bountiful, and a work of art, she captured the exact feel of what we were aiming for.  So much so, that one of our regular clients was in dire need of a new florist for her wedding and we sent her to Seed and the rest is history.  If you are looking for original floral design that is not the “same old – same old” we get used to seeing everywhere, Seed is the place to go!  Our mercury glass votives tucked perfectly under the pedestal arrangement and picked up all of the tones in the greenery and peacocks.

Vintage Dinnerware and Glassware | Brass Silverware | Gold Fortune Cookie Place Card at Greystone Mansion | D.L. Rhein

One of our favorite things to do is hunt for interesting and unique vintage pieces, especially when it is for a specific theme and we search high and low for the perfect items.  We had recently acquired a stunning set of vintage crystal gold rimmed glasses and decided that would be the inspiration for the rest of the table.  You can imagine our excitement when we came across this vintage dinnerware.  Rimmed in the exact deep blue of our tablecloth and gilded in gold Greek key, we snatched up every last dish we could find.  Gold flatware is not nearly as common as silver, so we opted to plate vintage silverware in brass to complement our gold accents.   A golden fortune cookie tops the plate and doubles as a place card holder and a fun favor for guests to take with them.   Guests that get invited to this soiree will definitely score the Golden Ticket!

A view of the chandeliers from below at Greystone Mansion | D.L. RheinA view from underneath one of the many incredible chandeliers.

Handcarved rafters and cornices throughout Greystone Mansion | D.L. Rhein

Every rafter, every cornice was hand carved with detailed precision.  I could get used to this…

Central Courtyard Fountain at Greystone Mansion | D.L. Rhein

The central fountain of the main courtyard in the center of the estate.

Fountains and Stairways throughout the gardens of Greystone Mansion | D.L. Rhein

Stairways and walking bridges take you through this magical garden.

Garden Fountain at Greystone Mansion | D.L. Rhein

I think about clipping fresh roses from this garden to scatter through out the many, many bedrooms.

Reflecting Pool at Greystone Mansion | D.L. Rhein

A reflecting pool to ease your woes…

Lotus and Lilypads at Greystone Mansion | D.L. Rhein

Brimming with lotus flowers and lily pads.

Original China from the Doheny Family at Greystone Mansion | D.L. Rhein

A original dinner plate from the Doheny family.  Doesn’t get much better than this!

Morning Room at Greystone Mansion | D.L. Rhein

We love the dreamy blue walls of the morning room where breakfast was served each day.

Original Tile of one of the bathrooms at Greystone Mansion | D.L. Rhein

Each bathroom is completely different and still has the original tile.   Lucite legs on the sink, yes please!

Greystone Mansion Bowling Alley seen in There Will Be Blood | D.L. Rhein

A home bowling alley, look familiar?!  “I drink your milkshake!”  Yep, this is where they filmed several scenes from There Will Be Blood.

Antique home bowling alley in the Greystone Mansion | D.L. Rhein

A far cry from the bowling alleys we know today, each pin was handmade.  Check out that hydraulic system!

Hidden Speakeasy in the Game Room of Greystone Mansion | D.L. Rhein

The entire basement was a game player’s dream.  Bowling, billiards, and a speak easy!   This wood paneled wall hides the original bar built during prohibition.  Oh the party’s that went on here!  If we posted all the pics we took, you’d be looking at this for hours.  Do yourself a favor and go check out one of our city’s most wondrous treasures, not to mention a national historic landmark.   We know we’ll be back, to set up special occasions, attend their wonderful workshops and events, and to take a dreamy walk back in time.