Glasses: Past, Present, & Future

Glasses: Past, Present, & Future

Glasses: Past, Present, & Future 150 150 admin

Jack, Mia, Rose in their respective specs

“Letters, however small and indistinct, are seen enlarged and more clearly through a globe or glass filled with water,” said Seneca the Younger, tutor to Nero, Emperor of Rome.  They were pouring water to see two thousand years ago!  My biggest challenge when it comes to lenses is making a style choice.  Thank God for 2011!

Speaking of that Nero, he used an emerald to compensate for his short-sided vision.  He would hold up a chunk of emerald to watch gladiator games.  While that is fabulous and sexy, I think it might also be a little like falling down the rabbit hole.

Glasses, the way they are now with temples over the ears, are really a modern invention.  They began sometime around 1727.  When you think about it, that’s really not that long ago, especially compared to Nero (37-68 AD).  Today, 75% of adult Americans use corrective lenses, whether that’s at all times, when driving, or reading.  Did you know Benjamin Franklin invented bifocals?  Pretty cool, huh?

Both my husband and I wear glasses, and we passed down the (get-thee-to-an-optician) gene to all three of our children.  Honestly, they are not too happy about this; but tonight I will share with them about how I left my glasses at home today, how I can’t see a thing, and how grateful I am for the invention of glasses.

Our “readers” are handmade in Minneapolis by a lady who didn’t want to look like her mother.  Eyebobs are made “for the irreverent and slightly jaded.”  Be honest, is that you?  Because it’s me, and I absolutely love my orange Co-Conspirator’s.  I also love their name!

I am always inspired by the past.  I treasure my vintage finds, and I love using them as accents in clients’ homes.  It is for that end that I comb flea markets and estate sales most weekends; I am on the hunt!  I recently found these gorgeous vintage frames, fixed with Oliver Peoples lenses on one of my  hunt-and-gather missions.

Hope to see you (if I have my glasses on) soon!



Lookie at me in my vintage frames!  Get ’em at 3rd St!