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“A throne is only a bench covered in velvet.” – Napoloeon Bonaparte

Vintage Carved Chair #vintage #carved chair @makeover #repurpose #newlook | @D.L. Rhein


Vintage Carved Chair gets some White Hyde Leather to give it a whole new look #vintage #carved chair @makeover #repurpose #newlook | @D.L. RheinI am a sucker for carved wood furniture and this chair really caught my eye on a day of antiquing. The detail was stunning, but we thought it could use a bit of lightening up as it looked a bit heavy with so much wood and a dark needlepoint.   Freshly upholstered in white hide,  it screamed to be done on the back as well once we saw how crisp the seat looked.  A new batch of brass nailheads and voila!  Fit for a king….or queen.