From Beige to Greige

From Beige to Greige

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“Children always know when company is in the living room – they can hear their mother laughing at their father’s jokes.” – Unknown



I love neutral tones, but beige is one color I can just not get down with!  This house had a good shell, so half the battle was already won.  With Judge’s paneling and crown molding (one of the first things I add to a room’s remodel for an inexpensive but impactful finish) already in place, a fresh wall color would be a dramatic change towards updating this living room.


 Once the walls were painted Gray Owl, it became even more clear that the fireplace should be painted out white to match the trim around the room.  This gave the space a modern cohesion and makes furniture and accents really pop in the room.  The floors were stained dark and we painted the bar in a high gloss black to make it a separate entity while still marrying with the rest of the space.   I love how the sunlight pours into this room and the updated palate creates a lighter, airier feel allowing for some graphic accoutrements.

The Perfect Great Room | D.L. Rhein

This couch had disappeared into the original room as it was also beige and had a dated, over sized odd shape.  I encourage my clients to recover or refinish well made furniture whenever possible, provided the frame work is good.  To reinvent this piece, the size was slimmed down, restuffed and squared off to make it look like a brand new piece worthy for this modernized space.   I knew that my favorite pre-washed natural linen would make this sofa a real stunner.  Persian lamb pillows mixed amongst Hexagon and Chain Link Embroidered Linen work beautifully with a stenciled zebra hide ottoman.  A chunk of black tourmaline sits atop coffee table books in a gilded mirrored tray.  An antique rug from our trip to Maison et Objet in Paris is the perfect shade of slate grey and doesn’t overpower the room.

A Dining Room and Extra Seating | D.L. Rhein

 Navy Mohair Chair | Greek Key Pillow | Natural Sheepskin Rug

This Bar is always Open | D.L. Rhein

The “new”  bar was created to have an old time feel.  Vintage leather bar stools and a 70’s nude oil painting from one of my hunts, lucite trays containing vintage art from my ongoing collection, and mercury glass and seltzer bottles with a well edited choice of liquor bottles (had to pull out all the turquoise!) make the bar interesting, organized, and functional.

A beautiful family room | D.L. Rhein

The living room should be most comfortable room in the house as it is where we all tend to gather, but comfort never means you have to compromise style!