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“Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Wall Flower 1

There is nothing better than taking a risk that is outside of the box.  When our clients wanted to do something bold and bright in their all white stairwell, we knew just the person to call.  Don Flood, photographer and wallpaper designer extraordinaire,  merged his two worlds with the creation of Fliepaper.  His iconic photos turned into wall coverings that he custom prints to the perfect scale for each individual project.  With a love for pink (and being the only lady in a house full of boys), these larger than life peonies give this modern entryway a burst of happiness that puts a smile on everyones face.  
Wall Flower 2

There’s fab, and then there’s fabulous.   Our wallpaper installer is one of the best in the biz,  and his attention to detail with cutting out each flower is meticulous.

Wall Flower 4

Up, Up and Away!  In order to reach these thirty foot walls, our amazing contractor built scaffolding so that each petal could be formed with ease in hard to reach places.

Wall Flower 5

Three down, two to go.  Don was onsite for the install and documented the day with these amazing photographs.

Wall Flower 6

Hand smoothing the edges…

Wall Flower 8

Hellooooo Happy!  With California sunshine spilling through every window and tropical greens a plenty, a trip upstairs is worth every step.  Stay tuned for another amazing Fliepaper install in this funky and exuberant home coming soon.