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“I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves.” – Anna Quindlen

Ask the "Zhush" doctor how you can Zhush your shelves | D.L. Rhein

Shelves are a part of homes that seem to be what my clients are the most stumped by. What to do with stacks of books that span the generations, vintage treasures and  your children’s art projects?  We always start with grouping books by color, which means saying goodbye to all of the dust jackets to reveal the beautiful embossed spines. It makes an impact and always triggers what objects are used and where they are placed in the shelves.  Because this is the family room and the main hub for reading and hanging out, we added some whimsy to a space which housed a collection of everything from Amelia Bedelia to Shogun. 

Zhushing is all in the details | D.L. Rhein

A vintage inspired Ferris Wheel, paintings by a family member, ceramic Foo Dogs.

Keep it fresh by Color coding your shelves while adding found objects | D.L. Rhein

A chinoiserie inspired book case in the formal living room shows off vintage art and carved cinnabar vases.

It's the little things that keeps your shelves interesting | D.L. Rhein

A carved labarodite bowl sits atop antique books.  Polished petrified wood bookends blend seamlessly into red spines.
Chunks of raw citrine fill a vintage iridescent scalloped bowl.

Before and After of a client’s living room

Zhushing - it's as simple as placement, color, + form | D.L. Rhein

It’s all about the books!  This client had a number of  beautiful antique books.  They worked perfectly mixed in with the modern and created our palate for each shelf.  I spotted the painting in the top left corner in the client’s bathroom and with a closer look, noticed the signature was hers!  I took it off the wall and moved it into the living room shelves.  It is a great piece and deserved a prime location.

To further dress up the space, vintage vases, coral, a pastel, and carved tramp art frames were placed amongst the client’s clocks and abstract glass pieces.  The best part of reworking peoples shelves is when they say, “I didn’t even think I had that anymore,” or “I love the buddah, where did you get that?”  It was yours!  It’s just in a place where you will notice it now.

LA locals can stop in to our stores to pick up all kinds of objects for their home.  We have been receiving requests for those who live outside of Los Angeles to be able to have things shipped to them.   We are happy to be able to now offer some of our favorites through our new shelf decor category at our  online store  !