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“Perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us once beautiful and brave.”  – Rainer Maria Rilke

A bathroom makeover that would make any 13 year old smile from ear to ear @ DL Rhein | www.dlrhein.comBathrooms may be my favorite thing to remodel.   They are smaller spaces and therefore, people seem to be willing to take more of a risk and do something bold that makes a statement.  In this case, at the prompting of my daughter Mia, I was ecstatic when she saw a swatch of my favorite wallpaper and said, “I would loooove to have that in my bathroom!”, that she shares with her younger sister Rose.  And so the transformation begun…

The mini marble tiles were in great shape so we didn’t have to touch the floor.   A new toilet was in order as well as a sink.   I had stored a cabinet from my old house and decided with a little love, it would make a great modern sink by painting it in Black Dutch Lac and added a marble top.

I am a huge fan of caning, so I went  to my go-to source, Cane and Basket Supply Co.,  and buy raw sheets to be adhered to the wall.  These were also painted in Black Dutch Lac and added a piece of molding painted the same for a dramatic impact.  The amazing wallpaper?  Schumaker’s Chiang Mai Dragon in Aquamarine, a myriad of colors and a funky Chinoiserie pattern, be still my heart.  A new wooden shutter completed the once aging window frame.

A well overdue bathroom makeover @DL Rhein | www.dlrhein.com Coral is another favorite natural curiosity I love to bring into a space.  Antica Farmacista soap, lotion and diffuser in Orange Blossom not only smells divine, but  was the perfect pop of orange next to embroidered guest towels.   We made a  green limpet shell mirror in our design studio (available in any custom size), and topped it off with a simple double arm chrome sconce with white linen shades.

The demo of the shower was exciting to watch unfold.  The periwinkle tile was original to the house when we moved in.  I never liked it, but my girls were little and still taking baths in my tub so it wasn’t important at the time.   The colors were so dated and now that my kids were older and  wanted to shower in a bathroom of their own, I relished the opportunity to do something fab.   The ceramic tile was replaced with cut marble and a rainfall shower head and new handle.  A small border of turquoise glass tile from Ann Sachs added some depth to the floor and sides of the shower.

Now my girls can’t wait to get ready in their bathroom.   That means I have my space back, except when I find them going through my makeup, perfume, or once in a while, back in the tub.