Dig: Spring Colors à Paris!

Dig: Spring Colors à Paris!

Dig: Spring Colors à Paris! 150 150 admin

Ah, le printemps à Paris!  As you may know, we just returned from a très inspirational trip to Paris.   We have lots to share with you in the weeks to come!  It may have rained the entire time we were there, but that didn’t stop us from noticing vibrant spring colors peeking through the cold and moisture, from primroses to macaroons.  

The bright berries above came from the Wednesday farmers’ market in The Marais.  It put even the Santa Monica market to shame!  The primroses were in one of the small nurseries lining the Seine we came across on one of our many walks, umbrellas in tow.  The rows and rows of bead were in a magical shop that sold nothing but beads and trim.  Jessica Young wanted to move in!  The macaroons, well, they were everywhere…

Back in the warmth of Southern California, surfing the web, we found similar colors in things we love.  There may be forty five days left until spring, but it’s never too early to get your flower on!

1. MOR Perfume | 2. Party Shoes | 3. Folky Fresh Pillow
4. Spring Food + Spring Tablecloths | 5. Flower Tea Pot | 6. Floral Bouquets