Dig: Roses!

Dig: Roses!

Dig: Roses! 150 150 admin

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet… but would it be as gorgeous?  It cannot be mistaken: a rose is a beautiful gift… from Mother Nature… and from a sweetheart, or bought for yourself.  I have always been drawn to the rose, naming my little one just that.  Also, D.L. Rhein began with dried rose picture frames.  Looking around the web, we found roses everywhere.  Pick a rose or pick up one of these beautiful treats today.

1. Rose + Ladybug Vintage Brooch | 2. Royal Albert Rose Tea Cup | 3. Petale Dome Bag | 4. Vintage Rose Pocket Mirror

5. Silky White Shirt | 6. DLR Rose Rings | 7. Bakerella Rose Cupcakes | 8. Frame made of Newspaper Roses

9. Rose de Noel  | 10. Tokyo Milk Perfume  | 11. Chanel Illustration

 Ah, life can smell so sweet!

Tout à l’heure!