Dig: Hearts!

Dig: Hearts!

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1. Heart Bangles  | 2. Studded Card Holder
3. Heart Cookies | 4. Creative Art  | 5. Happy Hearts
6. Botanical Art  | 7. Heart Fashion Umbrella | 8. Heart Paper Weights

 Hearts, hearts, hearts, everywhere you look.  I swear they had them at Walgreens New Year’s Eve.  I <3 you, you <3 me (it took me ions to figure out why people were texting me less than 3).  It can all feel a little pushy, and where’s the heart in that?  Still, I love the shape of the <3, and I love these unique interpretations of it.

Of course, I love my sweetheart, and my little sweethearts.

Valentine’s Day began in 496 AD, appointed by Pope Gelasius.  Bring on the love poems!!

In 1797, a British publisher picked up on young men’s limitations in creating their own love sayings, and out came The Young Man’s Valentine Writer, which contained scores of suggested sentimental verses.

Danny, find this book!