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“There is only one difference between a long life and a good dinner: that, in dinner, the sweets come last.” – Robert Louis Stevenson


They always say, don’t mix business with family.  Well, that is impossible since my parent’s have been my biggest fans since I started my business many moons ago!  I have worked on things in their home in the past, but this project was extra special as it involved something that belonged to my Grandmother.  This stunning burled wood table and chairs was as pristine as could be and looked as though it had never been used.  That Depression era generation took care of their belongings in a different way as things weren’t disposable to them as they are to us today.  When you bought something, you better make it last…FOREVER.  That being said, all these chairs needed was a fabric facelift and the results took years off their face. 


I wanted to give this room a fresh look while still holding true to its traditional surroundings.  I love to pull colors out of things, so when I spotted the touches of blue in the fabric window treatments, and the rich deep teal in the marble fireplace, this was the perfect choice.  It pulled the room together without overwhelming the pattern in the rug or curtains, my mom and I knew this was the way to go!  A solid silk velvet created the piping and was used on the backside of the chairs to give these custom beauties a beautiful front and derriere.


I get my love of orchids and Asian antiquities from my mama, so it was only fitting to find items that incorporate our shared passion.   Hand made Mother of Pearl trays (we layered them for extra drama) filled with spotted orchids and delicate trailing vines are easy to care for and can be replaced with ease.


A pair of vintage lamps are given new life as they perch atop the mantle looking over the room.   My dad’s passion is antique books, we couldn’t leave him out!  A set from the 1800’s is highlighted between green agate bookends, which are also, the exact color of the fabric!


What is this gorgeous fabric you ask?  Imperial Trellis in Peacock by Schumacher, one of my favorite go to’s for stunning textiles both old and new.  The new additions to the dining room I grew up in are a marriage made in heaven, much like parents’ who have lasted 50 years… Here’s to 50 more.