D.L. Rhein is Grateful

D.L. Rhein is Grateful

D.L. Rhein is Grateful 150 150 admin

I have a lot to be grateful for. I have a community that supports me, I have employees that are loyal, trustworthy, and committed, and I am passionate and crazy about what I do.

Thanksgiving, in our home, was centered around a time of giving. We opted to bow out of the big, huge family extravaganza(we still had a lovely dinner,surrounded by those that we love and adore) and instead decided to volunteer at The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium and help serve Thanksgiving dinner to over 700 folks who had no place to go. It was humbling. It was also incredible to see so many volunteers come together all for the same reason; to give back.

With the holidays around the corner, I want to continue to feel grateful. For me, this holiday season, it is all about giving something back. Not only am I cleaning out my work studio and warehouse, but I am also having my children go through their “stuff”. We, along with a group of our friends, are going to donate all of our provisions to our local, community home for abused woman and children.

Over the years, I have created liscensed designs for other companies (such as PK Handicraft) and have an array of wonderful holiday merchandise that all need a new home. I have decided to let go of some of these items, sell them and donate a percentage of the sales to Vista del Mar.

From my home to your, Happy Holidays!