D.L. Rhein Digs! “The Best of Tile”

D.L. Rhein Digs! “The Best of Tile”

D.L. Rhein Digs! “The Best of Tile” 150 150 admin

Welcome to D.L. Rhein Digs!  It is our new weekly post on all things design and especially those we dig.  This week, we are excited about tile!  Why not?  Nothing has made a lasting impact in the world of tile like Greek keys.  It is timeless.  We are always inspired by timeless things.  The gold tile and Greek keys comes from the storefront of Tory Burch,  as seen on this interesting design blog.  Every week, we hope to inspire you, and you us.  Please let us know what you would like us to dig!

The Best of Tile

Kismet Tiles are traditional Moroccan tiles with beautiful bold colors.  They are a lovely addition to any indoor or outdoor space.  For a more colorful kismet, or destiny, check out their website, which is under construction but has information on ordering.

This gorgeous bathroom, at The Soho Beach House in Miami, is the perfect place to take a bath.
It was featured today at Elle Decor. If you are in Miami, do check out the Soho House.

I dream of making an entrance to dinner under the twinkly tree (at The Soho House)!

For a unique look, I love the raw look of this new tile by the Bouroullec Brothers
for Mutina, as previewed on Design Sponge. I cannot wait until this debuts in September!