Crystals and Natural Curiosities

Crystals and Natural Curiosities

Crystals and Natural Curiosities 150 150 admin

I have never seriously studied the healing powers of minerals and gems.  Yet, what I do know is that I am fascinated by them.  I find them beautiful and they mesmerize  and  ground me.

They are simply a rock.  A rock that transforms itself over thousands of years into a force of great beauty. They look beautiful on their own or mixed with other elements of nature. I like the way they look sitting on a bookshelf, mixed with something modern or classic.  When used this way, nature is introduced into ones home.

I like to find small versions of the big ones and carry them around with me, in my pocket.  In moments of stress, I reach into my pocket, close my eyes, and hold them.  I like they way they feel, they soothe and calm me.

It is always amazing to me how they look when transformed into great objects of desire.

They are a true miracle of nature. WOW!

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