Crafts and Cocktails at DLR 3rd Street

Crafts and Cocktails at DLR 3rd Street

Crafts and Cocktails at DLR 3rd Street 150 150 admin

Jeanninne, Deborah, Claudia, Sarah, Ungenita, Me, Laura, Romy, Yvonne

I was recently at Connect! 2011, a conference organized and hosted by Laura Flipowicz of Bag Lady Promotions for 150 influential woman. This is a conference like no other, bringing Woman in Business together, to connect and cultivate strong, authentic relationships.  Not only did Laura start BLP three years ago, but she is a contributor for Mom’s LA and has added Her Review to her list of businesses.

After the conference, we sat down and had lunch. Not only did Laura eat a salad and some vegetables (she has been known to share her distaste for most things green), we planned an event together. Thus, Crafts and Cocktails was born. Her role was to gather the ladies for the event, guide me in what to do when, and my role was to provide the space(my 3rd Street retail location), create the craft, and serve up the bubbly! Hosting a group of amazing woman, sharing stories, being creative, and making new friends was better than I had expected.

Laura, BrendaMeg, Carmen, Arianna, Karin, Alexandra, Courtney
not shown: Adrienne, Angela, Tracy

Made by Meg catered the savories which  were devoured before one could say Quiche. The Charcuterie sliders were perfectly balanced, the mini quiche’s(caramelized onions, bacon, and Gruyere) were addictive, and my personal favorite… cherry tomatoes stuffed with garlic and herb cheese.

 Meg’s new line of Snooty Roots candles (I know, great name) were a huge hit in our swag bag.

Inside our swagbag was a DLR leather key chain, a gift card to be used throughout the month of December, that cool candle, and a little silver bag filled with jewelry parts for our make and take project.

Desserts were Mini Pumpkin Praline Cheesecakes, Lemon Meringue Cupcakes, and Mocha Truffles by The Urban Baker.

I left absolutely satiated and contemplative about this thing called networking.  It is not usually my  bag, ladies, but I found myself enjoying it… being with my peers.  When you’re an adolescent,  you’re in school and surrounded by fellow students, and this continues through college.  After that, things change, you get a job and find yourself with people of all ages; that is until you have kids and join another peer group, the mommy group.  I learned a lot from these mommies along the way and I am also ready to learn from the group I was with Wednesday.  It was inspiring.  Standing out on the sidewalk, I looked around at these amazing women and thought, “I want second dates with them.”

Til then…